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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Holiday

Okay. So I like sappy movies. Shoot me. But I do. And I liked this one. It is sappy and makes you feel good, and has just the right sort of peppermint tinged sweetness to make it perfect for the annual "Day after Christmas Flick" that my friends and I love. Each year we go see a movie. Some choices have been better than others but this was just fun. No heavy thinking,
no gore, no gut wrenching. Ahhhh.... 8 of us went, including my Mom and 2 husbands. Yes, to a sappy, romantic piece of fluff! And they did not complain. Major Brownie points were earned huh? But oh! Is it just me or is Kate Winslet absolutely luminous? And that house of hers. Oh my. Yeah, yeah. The one Cameron Diaz's character lives in has every bell and whistle known to man and is huge and glamorous and grand and knocks one's socks off. But Rosehill Cottage (as Kate's character's home is called) is just the sort of precious and perfect dream home I think about on snowy, sleepless nights.
Drafty? Probably. That's what fireplaces and down comforters are for!
I could curl up in it and stay there for ever...right there in that tin bathtub.


Cheryl Wray said...

I have got to go see this movie. I have read of several people seeing it and just loving it. I think that's on my list for sometime later this week . . .
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! (JUust getting online for the first time and trying to catch up with people!)

Twinkle Pink said...

My daughter saw the film with her friends and they all sobbed there hearts out at the end of it. She said I would love it. But I will have to wait for the DVD so that I can blubber in private! Can't wait!

Andi said...

I love sappy movies so I'll have to see this one. I also adore old interesting houses so I'll use that as a reason my hubby should accompany me. Although he's not fond of my "boo-hooing" at the movies. I think Kate Winslet is stunning as well!

Brown English Muffin said...

I wanted to hear reviews about this movie and Pursuit of Happiness....I would like to see both.

It was this in your post that makes me want to see it even more:

"... is just the sort of precious and perfect dream home I think about on snowy, sleepless nights."

I mean the name itself But Rosehill Cottage wouldn't you love to name your home!!!

Maybe I'll do that this weekend!!! HA!!! LOL