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Friday, December 15, 2006

My Nephew

Grace and I watched Brady on Wednesday evening. I got a few pictures that I think his Mama and Daddy will like. I just wanted to share. Oh how I love this little guy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

Got onto this site by accident. It is a really nice place to wander into. I wish you and your family (cats, dogs, etc) a happy Christmas and a long cosy life together.
Thanks for the warm feeling your blog gave me.


Jen said...

love that 1st one, what did you do to it?

Billy said...

Great shots, babe, especially the first one....That's certainly suitable for framing!!


Teresa said...

What cute little chubby cheeks... he's is a cutie, looks like his momma I think... Merry Christmas..... T

Susie Q said...

Thank you Sean! What a sweet thing to say!
Jen? Just a regular little digital, no flas and I played with it on Picassa. Added some highlights and the soft focus.Thanks for the compliments!
Teresa? Yes he does! He has his Mom's dimples too!
They all say he has my nose...poor guy! : )

Thanks to you too Billy..: ) See you in 5 days!!!