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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lights, Tinsel and Albuterol

Here is the proof that I was a good girl and did as I was told!
I could not get an appointment with my regular doctor and was told, as usual, to see the ER about a breathing treatment, ASAP, if not sooner!
So I spent a most lovely 4 hours with the friendly folks at the base ER. Gee, you are not getting enough oxygen! So THAT is why I am so ditzy this week. Now, what causes it the other 51 weeks a year? How about a nice, hour long breathing treatment with Albuterol and all sorts of other delectable goodies? To top off this culinary treat, we offer you a selection of steroid products! We are KNOWN for our steroids! Yummy...

They gave me this stunning white bracelet just for coming in! Free! I am serious!
It even has my name on it! I must have been a good girl to recieve such a sweet gift! I know, you are envious right??
I thought it looked great next to the bracelets that Grace made for me. Hey, do I know fashion or do I know fashion? And here is the sweetest deal! Although the waiting room was terribly crowded, I was escorted in immediately! No waiting! I felt like a celebrity! I heard some mumblings about the lack of air (although I thought it felt quite comfortable inside) and someone being *over* 50 & in her heart attack prone years. I have no idea who they were speaking about poor, old dear soul. I just reveled in my *star* treatment. I was even given a tiny room of my very own! I hate to look like an ungrateful guest but I must say that the *bed* was too hard and that little television had lousy reception. All I could get were some lines, blinking dots and irritating beeps. The lighting was a tad too harsh for my taste as well. And that room service! They kept barging in every few minutes! Did I need this, did I want that. I thought it a little over the top. Can we say groveling? Oh well, it IS a military installation. I suppose that they do what they can with what dollars they are alloted. I might even give them another stab at entertaining me in the future...but not too soon.


Valerie said...

i am SO glad you went for the treatment...since you went in as a star, did anyone paparatzzi snap a picture of you? i'll look for it on the Enquirer cover next week!

my last trip to the ER involved warm blankies (goody!) and Barney on PBS (bleah!)

Susie Q said...

Well, I had a camera and I took my own picture! Does that count as paparazzi?? Yes!!

Ooh, those warm blankies feel good don't they?? : )

Gee. I did not get Barney. Phooey. Just Wolf Blitzer in The Situation Room. He did not tell me he loved me. Barney would have...: (

Billy said...

I must tell you that it's not just ANY woman who can look attractive undergoing breathing treatments, but you carry it off!

Love you and miss you bunches!!


TK Angels said...

Glad you went to the ER. The holidays are coming and you need to be at your best for your hubby's return. :) You love the holidays and who wants to feel like you got the crud? Take care of yourself and will see you soon.
Love, Terri

Missy's Blog said...

Tonight on Access Hollywood .. this just in folks ... Sue was spotted at the ER ... with serious demands. The Diva demands good care from the medical staff, a comfy bed and a tv with excellent reception. What will she ask for next? A glass of water? The absolute nerve. LOL ... I'm teasing. I'm so happy you went in for the treatment and are feeling better. Loooove the bracelets Grace made for you ... they are darling.

RaNae said...

You crack me up lighten my mood and make my day I'm so glad to have found your blog.
PS glad u got treated hope your feeling better and Billy is right just beautiful.

jafabrit said...

I have to agree with billy, such a beautiful emergency patient :) sorry you had to go though. My sis just got a volumizer a couple of months ago to use with her inahaler and it has made a HUGE difference. do they have those in this country? Have you tried them?

Hope you feel much better and have a super Christmas, oh and aren't those lights at clifton just fabulous. I feel like I am lost in a world of my own and five years old again.

Jen said...

You are too funny.
So, did you feel like you could fly after all that albuteral? That stuff gets in the nervous system and gets you GOING! LOL.
Lovely bracelet, tell them next time you'd prefer Purple :)
What was your pulse ox level?? I bet it was LOW next question~who remembered the camera? LOL and took the pics??

Feel better!!

I sure hope Billy doesn't really look like that goof on his avator, LOL

Wendy said...

You are too funny my new blogger friend. Hope you are feeling better since your ER visit.

Happy Holidays!!!


Chris said...

Aren't those white bracelet spectacular? I had one last summer when I had my knee replaced. Only very special people get them.

Hope you feel better. merry Christmas.

Amy said...

You are just too funny! Only you and other great commediennes could make such a serious jaunt so hilarious. Lucy Ball or Carol Burnett could not have done it better! Glad it all turned out so well.

Peg said...

So glad you're ok, humour is the best way to go, in life, not death I mean.......eer should I put the spade down before I end up in good old Auss :o) Even struggling you look great!
Peg UK

Andi said...

Are you sure you're sick??? You look amazing!!!

Love the fashion statement you made with your personalized designer bracelet. I hear they're all the rage!!!

Sure hope the breathing treatment works well for you.

Jolene George said...

ROFLOL! You totally crack me up! You look pretty darn cute for being a sick girl. I'm so glad you got special celebrity service. The fancy white bracelet really does look nice with your other ones. I hope that breathing treatment and steroids will get you through the holidays so you don't have to go back even though you had the most lovely bedside service. Thanks for making me laugh and bringing a smile to my face tonight.

Cheryl Wray said...

That photo absolutely owns me!! That is SO funny!! I can just see you at the doctor's office saying, "You gotta take this picture of me. it's for my blog!" I love it!
I sure hope that you will be feeling all refreshed and better after all of that! You deserve a healthy holiday!!
And that bracelet? So pretty!!

Cindy said...

I just found your blog and I had to comment because I too am having asthma problems. I seem to get this every year about this time and I heard someone on the radio talking about allergic reactions to Christmas trees. I guess there can be a lot of pollen on them or there could also be mold spores which cause a lot of people problems. I'll suffer rather than go artifical though. I look forward to coming back to read more of your blog in the future.


Coleen said...

Glad to hear everything is ok. And that you did go. I wish you well over Christmas, here's hoping things calm down a bit for you!