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Friday, December 15, 2006

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa, you handsome devil you,
How have you been this year? Feeling fit and sassy and ready to go? How is the Missus? Gee, it's a shame she always has to be alone on Christmas Eve. Ever think about letting her go with you? Women are really super at directions. At least they will ASK for them when lost. Oh well, just an idea. Now, I do not want a lot this year, just a few little things. I have tried to be very good and kept my whining down to a minimum. I procrastinated a wee bit but things always got done in the end. Usually. Mostly. Sometimes. These cookies are for you. Home baked (you can tell by the burnt, crispy edges) with love. The carrots are for the reindeer. But you can swap if you have a mind to. Now, let's get back to business. I would like: A teddy bear, World Peace, to be a size 10, an Academy Award for Brian Dennehy, some perfume and lotion, a penthouse apartment in New York City with a full staff of house cleaners, window washers, laundresses, painters, carpenters, bakers, cooks, massage therapists, hair stylists...what? Too much? But I really HAVE been good this year! Okay. Maybe not THAT good. I will try and reign in this list just a bit. Let's see... I would love to have more fun with my new blogger friends in 2007. I would enjoy it if Lucy would quit hissing at poor little Henry and make nice. I would love it if Bill could get that one particular job here in Ohio. Sooner rather than later. ASAP! I would like good health and happiness for my family and friends. I would like to never stop believing in that okay? For a 50 year old I mean. Whatever. I will always believe... Oh, I am still asking for the teddy bear and World Peace. See what you can do about that okay? My best to the elves. Love, Sue


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I hope all your Christmas wishes come true!!!