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Friday, December 15, 2006

The Wiggles

Jen! You saw The Wiggles too! Hey, it was such fun. We all went. Bill, me, Grace (Okay, not ALL of us. Dan thought seeing The Wiggles would tarnish his image a tad. Silly boy), my Mom, Lisa, Jim and Brady.
And I am still busted up about Greg...really! Get well Greg Wiggle Page!
Now, is it just weird that a 50 year old knows all their songs? Okay, I knew that answer.


Jen said...

I was so excited to see The Wiggles, and when I was ordering the tickets, I asked everyone who wanted and to go and my 10 & 8 yr old as well as my husband all said PLEASE don't make us go :(
So, Mitchell and I went, I took like 80 pictures, LOL

Amy said...

I'm 70 and I'd love to see The Wiggles!!

And, yes, we did have a great time at Keisha's concert last night. Keisha called her grandfather tonight and offered for her and Michaela to sing for the Rotary Club party next Tuesday night. I hope Bill can arrange it for the girls.

Baskets of sunshine to you!

Missy's Blog said...

The Wiggles are so cute. I've turned them on TV, but Griffin has not interest in them yet. That surprises me. My neighbor gave him a Wiggles guitar a few months ago and he LOVES it. I'll have to try the Wiggles again.

So glad your husband will be home soon! How fun will that be??


Susie ... I'm so glad we "found" each other ... I too appreciate all of my blogging friends.

Take good care! Missy

Valerie said...

i can't say i love the Wiggles, but i've watched enough with the Nephew when he was younger to appreicate their stuff!