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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dining Room Delights

Now, this is MY idea of a great Christmas dinner. Too much? Nah...
Thanks to a new blog buddy for the heads up on these Kiss treats!
The dining room is ready for a lovely holiday dinner.
Ssh...the animals are busy!


Teresa said...

Susie, You have such beautiful Pictures... How do you do it??

Leona said...

Susie, Your dinning room is beautiful. Love the red and white. Your photos are beautiful too.Thank you for the wonderful comments. I am glad that you enjoy looking. Leona

Missy's Blog said...

Snow!! Thank you sooo much for sharing the snow pictures. I can hardly wait for it to snow here this year. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will have a white Christmas. Your dining room is lovely. All decked out in it's Christmas finery. It's so festive and inviting!

Andi said...

When is dinner served??? Your dining room looks so pretty and inviting. Sure wish I could find those Peppermint Kisses Jolene talks about and I see you've discovered as well. They don't seem to have found their way into our area of Florida yet. Every time I think I've located a package they turn out to be Cherry Cordial and not Peppermint.

jafabrit said...

what a beautiful and magical setting.