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Friday, December 15, 2006

Lists, Lists And More Lists...

I have been tagged with another list so, like it or not
folks, here it is. (I actually LOVE lists. Why? I have no
idea. I must have been a census taker in a previous life.)

1. If you know you're going to be spending a quiet day
at home reading, watching tv, etc., do you change out of your PJs? Uh huh...of course! I always wear a delightful dress,
freshly starched and pressed. Collar up ever so jauntily
and a string of pearls around my neck. Oh wait.
Do I have a son named Wally? No?
Then that must be some other mom. Me? I might not wear the PJs but will wear sweats
or something akin to sweats. Wash up and add perfume.
I LOVE perfume. It is one of my addictions. I may not be
the girliest girl ever born but I love wonderful scents
(even if I have no *sense*, or *cents*, I DO have *scents*!). A little lip gloss, brush the hair. Gotta keep the
magic alive ya know. *grin*
2. What do you do to pass the time on a long car trip? Read a book/ a
if Bill is in the mood (He is not a big talker while he
drives long distances)...listen to an oldies station.
3. If you had to date one of the seven dwarves,
who would you choose and why? (Your options are
Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy,
Sleepy, and Sneezy).
Doc. He is pretty smart, kinda cute and I have
always liked older men. *smile*
4. What one thing would you recommend that
everyone try at least once in their life? Love with all their whole heart. Full out,
even if you might get hurt.
5. If you were hosting a dinner party and were able
to have one writer, one musician and one actor
of your choice as guests, who would be at your
table, and what would you feed them? Now, these are people who are still living right?
Okay. Hard answer. To limit it to one of each...but
let's go with the ones that pop into my mind first. Writer: Nora Ephron Musician: Tony Bennett Actor: Brian Dennehy We could meet in NYC and I will host the dinner at
Tavern on the Green. Hey, this is a fantasy isn't it?
Why should I cook in my fantasy? *grin* And
I will be wearing a delightful dress, freshly starched and
pressed, collar up ever so jauntily with pearls around my neck.... And you are all will be fun.
Now, tag, you are ALL it!

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