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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Her Dorkness, Ms. Susie Q

Whoosh! Wow...January 12th is here already! I know, they say that when you get older time does that...hey! I heard that you younger blogger whipper snappers!
Thank goodness we do have the Christmas decorations down and stored away...okay, "stored away" is a relative term as Bill is re-arranging the storage room so those boxes, as well as lots of other goodies, are stacked in various locations in the basement. It is the old annual, "A new year is upon us so let's get our tushies in gear and be organized" festival! Cue the confetti! Whoo Hoo! The closets are almost done (I still have mine to go) and the drawers and cabinets were completed this weekend. Whew. We do this twice a year so it never gets TOO unmanageable. As a military family we moved so often that we never really accumulated too much *fluff*. After settling down, we seem to gather lots of *fluff* and *bits* that do need a good clean up now and then. They must cling to our shoes and come in the door with us like fleas...hmm...
Of course I LOVE a bit of clutter. Really! No, not the sort of *clutter* that makes organizational gurus turn purple and rotate their heads at 65 MPH. No, no...I clean up the papers and *stuff* that tend to creep into our lives every day. It is my *controlled clutter* that I adore. Let us just say that I will never be accused of being a Minimalist. Nope. I LIKE my stuff. I do a weed out every year, sometimes twice a year, and I am much more judicious about what I bring into the house now. But heck. I LIKE *stuff*. I LIKE collections and whimsy and the sweet mementos of a life
lived. I plan on photographing more of the house soon...a bit here and a bit share with you all. I am always open to reviews and sniggles and ideas. I may or may not DO anything but I LOVE hearing what all of you (who I adore and in whom I find so much inspiration) say.
How I wish I had the money to do so many things to our cottage...we plan on doing a few things this year, but have to do such things slowly. After living here almost 7 years, it is time don't you think?
I also find myself wishing I was more elegant and
could design a home that had class and showcased true style. Unfortunately, that is just not me.
Sad really...I am just drawn to the silly, the unexpected, the "let's add another plate to that wall and the 25th pillow to the couch" clubs. I am a charter member in both. *sigh* My home is no more elegant than *I* am and believe me, *I* am as far left of elegant as any living woman could be. Dorkusfeminitis, that's me. Uh huh. Look it up. You will see a picture of me right next to the word in Webster's Big Book of Words.
So in 2009 I plan to embrace my inner dorkness and stop apologizing for it. I will no longer apologize for NOT having granite counters and terra cotta tile floors. We do not have a whirlpool tub (Gasp! Horrors!) and yet, somehow, some way, I do continue to live. Shocking huh? You see, I have been watching too much HGTV. Yes, the channel that once was a real delight in my life has begun to annoy me. Save for Candace Olsen, who I adore, the shows and hosts just plain annoy me. Gosh but I have gotten crotchety in my old age huh?
Gone are the shows (and hosts) that gave me wonderful, doable in my price range, ideas. I am not trying to sell our little place so am not interested in 287 different shows on how to DO that. Nor do I think I can stomach one more 20 something who, while buying their first home, announces that they refuse to live in anything that does not have, Pick Two or Five: Granite counters, hardwood floors, a Jacuzzi, Stainless Steel Everything, Diamond Encrusted toilets, Vaulted ceilings, Built In Robots Who Clean and Do Windows, 3 car garages, 4,200 + square feet, a built in pool, finished basements with wet bars and gymnasiums, On Site Gourmet Chefs...okay. So I am being a tad bit silly but you get my point. I am 52 and *I* do not have my Dream Home. And the shocker is, I have actually survived that. One CAN live without granite counters and Jacuzzis. Both are awfully nice if one can afford them without going into major debt but sheesh. When we were
2o somethings, we lived in apartments! We started out in tiny homes...I know, I did we come out of that alive?
If I came down from outer space and spent the evening watching HGTV I would fly home to
Planet OpsieDopsie thinking that A. Everyone in the US is trying to sell their home. B. Granite =
some sort of life sustaining force. C. Personality + packed homes = death, despair, disgrace.
Am I being too weird? Ssh...don't tell me yet. After all, I have no granite and might lose control at any time. Break it to me gently okay? I really have complete respect for anyone who worked hard for their homes, no matter the size, and are grateful for the ability to do with them what they wish...but please.
Forgive me. I have just watched House Hunters and gazed in disbelief as two 20 something young men, college students no less, bought a home bigger than anything I have ever lived in. Mommy and Daddy were chipping in most of the bucks so, after the deal was done, in went the new granite and tile and wood and paint and furniture and...STOP! Please! I can not take it anymore! I truly am from another time and another place. One where you worked your way up the property ladder, bought a home based on what you could truly afford (Not what the bank was willing to give you) and not whether the walls were painted a color that did not make you gag. (Usually a color one of MY walls is painted thank you very much) Come on people! Buy a can of paint and a brush! You are young! It ain't that hard!
I am getting old. Yes, dear friends. It is true. I remember a time when we could look for a house and enjoy that they were personalized...we could see that a loving family lived there, that this home had a beating heart. That made us love it even more. Now everything must be stripped down to utter banality to sell. Have people gotten more lazy? Spoiled? Gosh but I AM old...
Our dear blog friends Janet and Cassie are in Realty and they probably know this all too well. It may be a fact of life in this era but I do not have to like it. Phooey. Uh huh. I am getting old...nope. I AM old. I sorely miss Kitty Bartholomew on HGTV. I miss Designing For The Sexes with Michael Payne, Mary Emmerling, Joan Steffend and HER Decorating Cents, Country Style...oops. How silly of me! I recently saw where most HGTV viewers who voted placed anything *country* in the *out* box.
One quick run through of the HGTV boards is telling..."I am SO glad that Shabby Chic &*%$ is on death watch.", "Anything labeled as whimsical is also a piece of useless crap.", "Country is so dead it has rigor mortis." and my personal favorite, "HGTV used to appeal to *&%$ old people like my Mother. Thank God they got over that!." Hmpf.
Well, I guess people like me, folks who love Cottage Country, American Country, French Country and English Country are dinosaurs of sorts. Yup, that's me. Outdated, antiquated, obsolete, outmoded, old fashioned, too long in the tooth to be of any real use...Dorkusfeminitis.
And I will continue to embrace my inner Dorkusfeminitis, I will adore it, I will love it. Now I think I will go and distress something, add another plate to the wall, another rooster to my kitchen, make a cup of cocoa and pop in a DVD. Hmm...How about The Holiday? Then I can settle back and watch Iris' splendid English cozy country cottage and only a true Dork can do.
Thank you for letting me ramble and fuss...and let me wish each of you a sweet week, a warm and safe week, a week where you know in your heart that to qualify as a "Dream" house, your home only needs one Love of family, love of friends, pets, ones own self. Where love and peace of heart reside, that is truly a dream home. Now let's see HGTV showcase that!
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q


Sue said...

Good morning Sue, what a fun post. I'm 56 and remember when we first got married and were thrilled to have our first dumpy apartments because they were all our own. We had so much fun transforming them into cozy places using family cast offs and our wedding presents. I remember tacking up blue and white calico sheets on the wall behind the sink and using the extra material from the sheets to stretch on to old shutters for the kitchen window.

I do have dark granite countertops now and hate them. Oh, I know I sound ungrateful, but they are so hard and cold and you have to polish them every time you spill a drop on them. Give me Formica any day.

I have always loved your style and look forward to seeing more of your charming cottage in the coming year. HGTV has driven me crazy since its inception. I literally find myself yelling at the TV...........

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Good morning, what a fun post. I remember my first home oh so well. Although I'm about the age of the previous poster my first home did not have running water. I had to use the outhouse and the pump outside to bring water in. Oh I so appreciate the simple things in life.. But like you I like my "stuff".. and have quite a bit of it to surround me and make me content. This was a great post..
hugs ~lynne~

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Good morning, what a fun post. I remember my first home oh so well. Although I'm about the age of the previous poster my first home did not have running water. I had to use the outhouse and the pump outside to bring water in. Oh I so appreciate the simple things in life.. But like you I like my "stuff".. and have quite a bit of it to surround me and make me content. This was a great post..
hugs ~lynne~

Connie said...

I hear ya, sweetpea......granite counters are right up there with great "nights of wild abandon" for me! Hubs might not agree with me but put a train in front of that man and it's all a different game! Hah. Old??? Bite your tongue, chickee. I'm almost as old as the proverbial "dirt" but it just keeps getting better and better for me.

AND where is that mutt?!?! (Lovingly said, of course.) He just tickles my funny bone........

Connie ;-)

Bonnie said...

THANK YOU for the great blog. I'm not sure if I'm a "dorkusfeminitus" or not. My house is done in early Goodwill, Salvation Army, yard sale style. Like you I love the little "memories" and I do collect things that I like and some that I don't (like dust). My house is lived in. My husbands philosophy is "If you come to see me, come on in, if you come to see the house, then leave". You don't have to wipe your feet at my door. That's what brooms and vacuums are for. Come in and relax, enjoy the company. Your blog made me feel so much better about myself, because like you, I sometimes want to be elegant and have a grand house. But that's not me.

Terri and Bob said...

I am right there with you about the couples who are buying their first home and need stuff that I DON'T HAVE YET and I have been working for over 30 years. I am getting to where I really don't like going to HGTV. I love Candace, too!

I'd love to see more of your place. Think about that, ok?

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I agree completely!

I used to love HGTV and all those shows you listed.

Now it is full of shows I have no interest in at all.

I guess they figure the marketing and ad money is with the younger people. :(

Susan said...

And did ya know ?? Candace is one of us Canadians. I don't get HGTV and I think I'm kind of relieved that I don't - I have enough angst about my home as it is.

Cheers from the gang at 29 Black Street
with a big Woof! to the Kipper from Miss D.
xo, S, Winnie Dixon, Bleet, Oliver & Gus

salmagundi said...

There you go again stealing the words out of my brain. I often think the same things, but you are so much better getting them written than I could ever be. We live in our 'forever' house now; it's small, comfortable, paid for, and no granite. We considered granite, but decided that it just wasn't us, nor did it even go with this little house. I've loved your charming home since RMS days and am looking forward to seeing more of it in 2009. Thanks for sharing this post - do you hear me clapping in approval? Sally

Smilingsal said...

I'm older than you, and I think that I appreciate my beautiful home because I lived most of my life pinching pennies and making-do. It's hard for me to toss money around. Thanks for sharing. We'll stand together in our dorkiness!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

HI SusieQ,
What an interesting post! We have granite & I'm not wild about it & a whirlpool tub that rarely gets used. Who wants a big fancy house,when you have to clean all that space! The key is to be happy with what you have, especially during times like these.

I totally agree with you about HGTV. Those young folks want it all now. I'm not seeing much I like on there anymore.

You have a great sense of style & your home is YOUR HOME. I think it's cozy and very warm, just perfect for a loving family.
Hugs, DebraK

Melanie said...

I understand your "style". Whatever I think is pretty or makes me smile is my "style". I love organized clutter too but eventually, I do sift through it a bit and if something doesn't make me smile any longer - out it goes! Have a great day!

nikkicrumpet said...

hah my hubby and I were watching that episode last night too! We kept saying..."How can they afford a place that nice!!" We personally thought it was sad...because they'll never know the satisfaction you get from saving and working towards somethig nice. And when they put in that granite and all the nice furniture we just shook our heads. And we must be sisters because our houses look just alike! Great minds and all that lol

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Sue!
You hit the nail on the head with this post. I actually emailed Kitty Bartholemew and asked her to start a blog! I got a standard email reply back....hopefully she will read it and start one.

justabeachkat said...

What a great post. It's not the "stuff" in a home that makes it a home, it's the love and your home is filled with it. I love visiting you.


Deb said...

Hi Susie
I love HGTV too - and agree with missing Kitty Bartholomew on HGTV! She was the best!

Anita said...

Ya know- I have to agree. But after these people have troubles gettting all the finger prints off their stainless appliances and spill some Kool-aid on that granite- and have to replace the grout in that tile- it will all sink in.

I look at it this way- you can order the cookie cutter look- like a tan sided brick fronted 3 car garage that covers half the front of your house- or you can find charm elsewhere. I choose elsewhere.

They should check in with these people in 5 years and see if they can still aford the house, how it held up, did they get sick of it. From what I have heard, alot of these projects really aren't done that well ( ie: tile laid and grouted in 24 hours that later pops loose)

And consider taxes. Most people who win the Country Living home of the year have to sell it or not even take possession because they can not afford the taxes on the huge thing. Same with people who get Extreme Makeovers. Overboard completely.

We're not the ones out of touch. Note all the foreclosures. Youjust can NOT have it all. Something suffers.

Sheila@Simple Indulgences said...

I thought I was the only one who wanted to slap those immature 'house hunters' upside the head!
'Some' live in unkempt apartments and then have the nerve to go looking at homes, and announce they don't like the wall colour, drapes, furniture etc. The yard is to small, there's only one garage...yadda yadda. Get a grip!
Like the furniture stays?
We saved for the down payment on our first home, by time we paid the lawyer and moved in we had just enough money for that weeks groceries, and we had 2 babies. But we survived,I still don't have my dream home, but I have a happy family, no debt, and at the end of the day that's worth more to me than any show home.!
Okay ...phew! that feels better. I look forward to new pictures of your home...because it is a home, not just a decorated house..

Sue said...

Skunky Bartholemew is cancelled off of HGTV...where have I been??? I used to love Skunky and Joan, who's wardrobe only consisted of the color green......Oh, that's right, husband got sick of Suzanne Wang and made me stop even putting on that channel...I can't believe they are all gone. I love Michael Payne, he was a real hoot....Your post is so very well written...I bet you didn't know that....I live in a house that to me was large when we moved from an even smaller on in Florida. The house is 1700 sq. ft. and is considered a "cottage"....It's a palace to us and for pete's sake it's paid for!!! No granite for me, just old formica in navy blue no for stuff, no one has more stuff then we do....I have a moose head over my mantel...need I saw more....We love you just the way you and your house are!!!!

Shelia said...

Hi Suusie! Loved your post today! I remember our first little home - and how I did the best I could with what I had! No dishwasher, no washer and dryer for that fact, very small. But we were happy and saved and did all the wonderful stuff you do to get another place. These young folks today truly don't know what sacrificing is or do I believe they truly appreciate things. I wouldn't trade my life! Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

You hit the nail on the head as far as HGTV. They need to get back to the shows on thrifty decorating, not these people who spend $50,000 re-doing a bathroom. BTW, I don't have granite counter either.

Tara said...


what a geat post--I love everything you said!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Amen sister! Candace is my favorite and about the only one I watch anymore. And yes! How in the world do these young couples afford those places? We trudge along with our formica and somehow we live.

Awesome post!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hello there my friend. Oh, how I've missed you. First of all, thanks for your most recent comment on my blog. You always say the sweetest things to and about me. I appreciate you and love you even more.

For the record, I did not get a new camera...although I would LOVE a new one. You know, a cute little one to keep in my purse for "those" moments. But I'm gonna treat my old one like it's new and learn what that puppy can REALLY do :-).

I LOVED this post and agreed with it. Although I DO love the decorating shows and house hunting shows that come on. They are a little unrealistic. Not to mention, a little trivial. But like you, I happen to like my STUFF too. Hey, let's trade some stuff, LOL :-).

Love ya!!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I've only lived in two apartments since I was 17 years old. This one I've been in for 30 years. Could never afford a home of my own ... though sometimes when I see other people's houses I get a yearning. My front window faces North and the bedroom faces South, so I only get the noonday sun. Would love it if this place would fill with light like a house would. *Sigh* xxoo

Sue said...

Hi Sue...I had to come back and re-read your post today because it is so true. Our little house is packed with personality, it's not elegant, never will be elegant. That's just not us...When you walk in our front door you know who we are, we're wacky and it shows and it's fun....We will be selling our home in the future to move back to jersey and i cringe at what the realtors are going to say about the house...I will not stage it. I always ask realtors why do new developements always have a "decorated model" for people to see. Because decorated homes sell better then empty ones...And I don't believe in taking away everything that is personal. We looked at a lovely home in New Jersey recently and I walked around looking at all the wonderful pictures of the family on the walls....There were black and white photo;s of the families vacations and their children. I mentioned to the realtor that it was great because you got to see that real people lived in the house and it gave the house a personality....I'm smart enough to know that those pictures of the kids would not be staying with the house....I also knew that all the toys in the basement would be gone too....I say we sign a petition to get Joan Steffen back with her $500 ideas....what do you say??

Melissa said...

You know, I never really realized until you said something just how many of those types of shows they have on these days! I know that lots of people are trying really hard to sell their homes in this market, but if I thought I had to go through all that (and endure the degradation of those nit-pickers) to do it, I'd lose all hope!

Lovely post, and this blog is just like I imagine your home to be - genuine, warm, and lived-in!

Anonymous said...

May I join the "Dorkusfeminitis" club? I am just about your age and I agree with nearly everything you said in this post! What happened to the old HGTV and isn't the new one such a comment on our current time and economy???? It seems a little passe now that no one can get a loan for a home (or so they say).

I am fortunate to live in a nice home but I am not good at decorating it and I do NOT have granite. I have stainless steel, but dh is in the appliance biz.

Anyway, thanks for a fun entry! Laurie S. (

Gretchen said...

Hello. My name is Gretchen, and I'm a dork.

My problem is that I make quilts and love them, and in my head, I live in a cozy farmhouse and hang my sheets from the line. I'm part of an older era, and guess what? My quilts don't go with my more modern, suburbanite home. So what. I have mine out, those of my grandma, and those of my great grandma, too. And (horror!) we use them.

Blessings on your take no prisoners post. Isn't it high time we celebrated who we are and not who we "should be"?

BTW, house hunters makes me puke at times, too. Where do these folks get a) their money and b) their sense of entitlement??? I take it back--I don't want to know.

Geri said...

It makes you wonder who they are targetting for some of these shows. I don't have granite, and, as a matter of fact, I don't like it. It's too cold and austere for me.

Kathleen Grace said...

I so agree withyou Susie! Our little cottage has been a work in progress for 27 years and we don't have granite or any of the fancy things you see. I really believe that a lot of the financial problems this country is in right now stems from people not being willing to work their way up with homes they can afford, they borrowed too much to get their dream home first and now look at the mess we are in! I have loved seeing the bits of your beautiful home you have shown, it is warm and lovely. I'll take blogs over HGTV any day!

Rosemary said...

Hi Susie,
You are making me laugh as usual.
You should have seen our first tiny apartment! We loved it though.
We had it complete with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.
Have a wonderful day,

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about needing to redo somethings. We have lived here 10 years and things out date.I would love to have some cash to get some work don,but until we do I will fluff and tweak and make the best if it =)

Anonymous said...

Susie Q- What I think we are dealing with is the rise of the "gimmee, gimmee generation" that lacked both their parents time and attention,but received material goods as a substitute. Sadly, development of imagination is sorely lacking in this group as well.(Said the teacher...)
I can't agree more- rip up the "ugly carpet and paint the blasted, bleeping walls! Look at the bones of the house!!!
I am so with you about HGTV- They used to show houses with homeowners who were creative and resourceful who created individual homes. I am also fed up with the neutralize everything mentality so that everything is bland and boring!
What we are is classic, timeless and QUALITY!!! Just look on Craigslist and see how many ugly overpriced "mod" leather sofas are begging to be sold!
I agree about the shows that have gone off (Kitty and Country Style especially). I live in a small, post WWII cottage and my style is some sort of cross of English, French and New England COUNTRY, similar to yours. I think there are alot of us out here who enjoy our homes to tell the story of our family and not the current decorating trend. Heavens! Remember the turquoise, olive green and coppertone eras? EGAD!!! What could be next, neon blue? Saints preserve us!
Thanks for a good chuckle and confirmation that this 49 year old is not nuts! Bramble

Melanie said...

Hi, Susie Q!
I have an award for you at my blog!
Have a great day.

Andi said...

I just loved this post because I remember being just out of college with a first apartment and being so proud of my cinder block and board bookshelves!!! We did paint them you know...we were so cool! And we had a Harvest Gold fridge and were giddy over the fact that it had an icemaker. I also remember saving money for a down payment on a home. You didn't get to buy one without a down payment way back then. My but I'm getting old...I now refer to the "good old days"!!!

I miss the wonderful original HGTV programs as well Sue.

Let's go to NYC!

Love and Hugs, Andi

Eloise said...

Hi, Sue! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

I enjoyed your post today. I completely agree with you. If people outfitted their homes with things that they like rather than with what they think is hip or trendy, their houses would never be *in* or *out* but at least the owner would like it. That was the approach I tried to take when we built our house six years ago, and there are very few things I would change. My living room, in fact, may be my very favorite room in the house, and its furnishings are primarily things I inherited from my grandmother. She upholstered the sofa and chairs in the 60's, and I think they still look great.

I've signed up to follow your blog and look forward to visiting you regularly.

LivingTheLife said...

You have hit the "nail" on the head with this one...I rarely watch HGTV anymore...and I think one reason our economy is in the "dumper" is b/c we live in a society of "I want it now and I want it perfect" mentality! Whatever happened to good ole fashion "work"...our first home was under 1000 sq. feet, we saved for over a year and a half with both of us working extra jobs when we could so we could save enough money to put 20% down...I thought we would never be able to make the $250.00 a month house payment and the utilities. We had been living in an apt. with all utilities paid except telephone at the time...of course this was before cable, internet and cell phones...(geez, I guess I'm the one that is old) was 3-1-1...and I have the very best memories of our 5 + years is where we brought both of our babies was quaint, it was simple, it was cozy and it was HOME! I still love that old house...I drive by it on occassion and pray that whoever lives in it now...enjoys the same love, hope and contintment we did while we lived there.

I enjoyed reading your post really should be sent to HGTV...they are missing out on a much larger audience than they know. You can't miss something if you've never had it or have been told you should have it...these programs almost make you think if you don't have what they are promoting, that you are out of touch, not hip...not with it!....well, guess I'm out of touch! I don't have everything I want...nor do I have everything the world is "selling"...but I do have all I NEED...thank the Lord for that...b/c I fear many don't! You hit the nail on the head...for me it's about of God, love of family, love of matter how big, small, fancy or's where you live and LOVE...and it just doesn't get better than that! IMHO AND remember this...if it's a bigger's more cleaning...if it's more's less time living...if it's less time's less time loving...and if it's less time loving...then why are we living? Confused????


Cheryl Wray said...

I do love country stuff...and i really love shabby, sort of European-looking stuff... although I will admit that I love a lot of the new, trendy designs that you see on a lot of the "newer" shows also. But I say..there is a design for everyone!!!

What I TOTALLY agree with you on, though, is the fact that youngsters are getting bigger houses than me when they get their first job! We had to work to get to the point where we could buy a house. It was a reward for our age. LOL I think that a lot of the problems in our economy came from people living beyond their means; we could have "afforded" a house costing $50,ooo more than we have if we'd listened to the loan people. But we wanted to have money left over to buy furniture and food! LOL Simple is better.

...and I think your cottage is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I'm envious of YOUR home. :-)

PEA said...

I live in a 1000 square foot house that is about 40 years old and only have one room (my computer room that has laminate flooring), the rest is tiles and carpet...nothing in my house is fancy at all...heck, I don't own a piece of crystal or china!! lol But, you know, Sue, we don't need all them fancy things because we make our house a HOME by decorating it the way WE like!! Sure, it's nice to watch shows like HGTV and see how "the other half" live and I say kudos to them for being able to afford it. It's just gotten ridiculous how young married couples these days feel like they have to start off with only the best...they're so much in debt by the first year, it's not funny. My friend June's son Mike who got married 3 years ago just bought a house...$465,000!!! They can't even afford to buy furniture to put in it...but hey, they have a nice huge home to show off!! Ugh! Anyway, all this to say...I'm proud to be a fellow DORK! hehe xoxox

Meggie said...

Here, here...well, said, Miss Sue! I have a friend who just completed a kitchen remodel WITHOUT granite counter tops...imagine that!! I can't get too excited about stainless steel appliances either. Yes, I guess we are old.

Carolyn said...

Hey Susie ;o)

I guess i`m feeling old too ;o)
Most of the younger generation don`t know they`re born !!
Here they buy stuff on credit just because they want it - not need it - unlike myself if i want something i wait and save up to pay cash then ask if they give discount for cash ! Guess that`s the tight aspect coming out in me ;o) But it has worked !
When i was living on my own - i had no cooker and washing machine - just a microwave oven and trips to the launderette - maybe they should try that for a month and see how lucky they are with what they have before splurging out on un necessary items just to be or better the Jones`s ! ?
A home is what you make it - whether it has the latest decor or gadgets .

Faeryhollow said...

I just found your blog, and had to comment on this post. I SO agree with your sentiments about the NEW HGTV and love the way that you've said it. I miss the shows that showed us how to decorate or make wonderful pretties on a budget...Treasure Makers, Decorating Cents, Country Style. I hate the real estate shows, and that's all there is. I rarely watch HGTV anymore, and now that I'm retired I could! I was really looking forward to that!

My DH and I and our 2 little boys lived in a (horrors!)mobile home (AKA trailer) for the first 16 years of our marriage. We then built our dream house, which is still under construction after 20 years! I think that with the current economic disaster, these shows will have to get back to reality and stop promoting the lifestyles that got these young folks in the mess that they're in today. I agree that we should start a petition to bring back some of the old shows - bring on Rob Whittlef (you got it!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I have been blog-hopping this evening and am so happy I chanced across yours! My grandma told me when I got my first home, that the first one held the best memories- she was so right. Four years ago we built our dream home (within our means I might add...) and I was a diehard HGTV addict. In building and moving I got too busy to watch and the our TV (one TV, 13 inch, LOL) quit. So we moved into our home, and just never replaced the TV. I always said HGTV was the only thing I missed about television- now I can completely relax, apparently I'm not missing anything at all! I'll continue to get my inspiration from sweet blogs like yours. I love country ;)

Rue said...

Amen Sue!! I'm just catching up with you and I loved this post!!