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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Santa was so very good to everyone here...
Grace made all her gifts this year. We got a hand painted plate and these sweet tree ornaments.
Kip seems tired. I wonder why? Oh! It was that 6:30am wake up call! Right!
Grace made Grandma a necklace and the bag to keep it in.
Gracie made a scrapbook of Boo's life (up to now!) for Jim and Lisa! Aunt Lisa said it was her favorite gift!
Boo got a new Thomas book....
Grace gave her brother a picture of her in pink (in front of that VS window!) with a signed mat..."You say I wear too much pink, this is some pink for you!" He loved it!
Mom loved her watercolor pictures of Santorini, Greece.
I love this...we were watching a new holiday movie and Boo reached over for his Dad's hand. The same gap mouthed looks? Must have been quite the flick!
Grace is mesmerized! Or tired...oh yeah! It was that 6:30am wake up!
Such a long day for little doggies...
And their Daddies...
Good night to all. We hope your day was magical and sweet.


Andi said...

Love Grace's "pink" present to her brother!!! Looks like all her gifts were a hit and it appears she got some pretty great Barbie stuff as well!!!

Jen said...

That's the 1st time I saw your son, he's a nice looking boy...and I have to agree with Andi, that's too funny :)

Teresa said...

Hi Sue, Grace looks like an angel in her pretty lace nighty. Looks like everyone had a wonderful day... I just love your pictures, thanks for sharing and I'm so glad we have became blogging buddies. I so enjoy visiting you everyday.... T

jafabrit said...

ah, your day looked very special :)

We had a lovely christmas as it was the first for a while where I had BOTH children home (my son served in the marines five years).

all the best for the new year.