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Friday, December 15, 2006


Well, the decorating is done! It looks just a teensy bit magical with all the lamps down low and the Christmas lights on.
The living room tree....
The kitchen snowpeople tree...
Everyone gets gussied up for the holidays...even a pig!
My vintage Santa. Dad got this for my mother (filled with flowers) at the florist shop where both had part time jobs. Dad was a fire fighter and my Mom taught school. They met at this shop where Dad delivered and Mom helped arrange flowers and take orders.
My study tree...uh huh. Rabbits!
A dignified lady gets out her Christmas finery...
Our Nativity. Bill's Mother made this for me 25 years ago. I cherish it.


Jen said...

OMG, I LOVE LOVE that 1st photo.
What did you do to get a great photo of your ornaments and what editing software did u use and what did you do to it? LOVE IT!

BTW, I'm not writing a book, I just ask a lot of questions, ha ha

Andi said...

What lovely decorations. It's so much fun to have our homes all in their festive finery for the holidays.

Billy said...

House looks great! Can't wait to get home. Missing you bunches!!


Daisy Cottage said...

Gorgeous pictures! Your decorations are just so warm and beautiful! What fun to see!