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Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Enchantment

Near us, just behind the Township recreation center, is a wonderful park. During the warmer months it is filled with families playing ball, picnicing, walking the trails and just enjoying being outdoors. In December this park puts on a very different face! A mile long trail of lights, music, Santa, live reindeer, rides, cookies and hot chocolate. The trail winds around a small lake which is iced over now. The twinkling lights seem to dance across the frozen water. Add some warmer temperatures, a cloudless night and that special magic that only happens near Christmas and you have the makings for some very happy children AND adults!
My sis in law with my nephew, The Boomeister, as I have lovingly dubbed him. He was totally transfixed by the lighted train.
Glamour Girl...
Hmm...a real live Angel?

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Wow, Sue, Grace is really a Glamour Girl... She always looks so happy and is always dressed as cute as a bug....Again you two are very lucky....

Again, I can not say enough about your super-duper pictures.... T