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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Evenin' all. What a long day! I got a few things accomplished but oh so many more to go! At least Kipper is all shiny and sweet. They used a shampoo and conditioner on him that smells like Sugar Cookies! (Does this mean I don't have to actually bake any? We could just stand around and sniff Kip. No? Okay...) He does smell gooood. Lucy sniffed him all over when we got home. She even licked his ears! She had no comment when I asked her if he was sugary tasting. No pictures of Henry quite yet but I hope to have some up tomorrow. He still hides a lot but always comes out for Grace! I think she is so excited to have her own little buddy. I just peeked in her room and he is curled into a ball next to her. Sweet. We did a little shopping and Mom had to return something she bought Dan. Needed another size. The malls all seem to be doing business but nothing crazy. It was easy to find a parking spot. I still need 3 gift certificates for Grace's school helpers. ESL, reading, math...but that is it! I need to finish the tree, start the big cleaning and Grace and I have a gingerbread house to work on! Next week she and I will bake the cookies and cupcakes. She is out of school on Tuesday and Daddy will be home Thursday! I always sleep so well the first night he is home. I guess I just relax totally knowing he is here with us safe and sound. Good feeling.

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