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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nutcrackers, Baskets And Gingerbread Houses

Last night we attended The Nutcracker at The Schuster Center.
I finally took a picture of the ceiling for you. It looks phenominal! Concentric circles of fiber-optic lights in the Starfield depict the Dayton sky as it appeared on the eve of the Wright Brothers’ first flight, December 16, 1903.
The everyone was taking their seats The Lady In Red with her Dad during intermission Now where does the proper young lady like to end her glamorous night at the ballet? At Friendly's of course! Where else?
This is the amazing basket of goodies that my dear friend brought to us.
The basket is an old Chinese tote. Inside are tins of peanut butter fudge, chocolate crumb cake, decorated snowflake cookies, seasoned popcorn and much more. She even made the sweet poinsettia bow.
My Lady's Gingerbread Cottage...


Jen said... great! The lady in red looks lovely with her Daddy....By the Way, is he flipping the bird in that photo??? LOL

Love the gingerbread cottage, she did a great job!

Guess what? We saw SANTA tonight!! Woo Hooo!!!

Andi said...

What an amazing ceiling! And your handsome husband and beautiful daughter look so nice! Did you wear red as well?

The basket from your friend is wonderful. And the goodies inside sound yummy.

Lady Grace's Gingerbread Cottage turned out beautifully!

TK Angels said...

Welcome back Bill. Glad you all had a good time. Grace you look beautiful.

Coleen said...

It sounds to me like you all had a wonderful time! We didn't get to make a gingerbread house this year. I am so glad to see how great yours looks. You all did a nice job on it. Will she eat some of it too or just display it? I always wonder who eats theirs! I hope your festive fun is ongoing, and that you have a great Christmas! Talk to you soon!



Missy's Blog said...

Oh my goodness ... that ceiling is AMAZING!!

It's so good to see that Bill is home!! Yaaaaa!!!

The gift basket is lovely and everthing looks absolutely YUMMY!!

Merry Christmas!

Valerie said...

it sounds like you had a wonderful time...and the ceiling looks amazing!

Merry Christmas to everyone in SusieQland!

robin c. said...

What a fun evening! I always loved going to Friendlys when I was your daughters age.

The gingerbread cottage is wonderful.

Happy Christmas to you and your family!!!

robin and the "kids"