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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday RaNae!

Today RaNae is 42, she says that's old but she's younger than Sue!
Her husband Doug is mighty neat, he can blog pretty well, that's no small feat!
They have 2 furballs, oh so cute. Bless their hearts! They're sweet to boot!
RaNae can knit most anything, thrift like a demon, cook and sing!
I'm hopin' she will see this ditty, down Texas way folks say "She's pretty!"
So happy birthday my blogging friend, may your celebrations never end!
Have a happy day RaNae!


Valerie said...

nice poem - you're a poet!
(and you didn't know it!)

Chris said...

Wow! You're a poet and you don't know it! Happy Birthday Ranae! You are young-younger than me too.

RaNae said...

OH GOSH SUSIEQ how sweet sorry I missed it I've been sick.
Hugs RaNae

wendy said...

What a great poem.
I would just like to say
have a very, very nice day!

Christy said...

How sweet!!! What a neat little 'happy'!