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Monday, June 11, 2007

Why Yes, I DO Have Everything I Need Officer....

Okay, so, am I crazy or what? Hmmm...perhaps I should not ask that question. But really now...since I began blogging and re-discovering my love of picture taking, I have begun looking at everything in a different light! So, there I am, on my knees (which, in itself, is NO easy feat I tell you!), in a Yellow Springs park, taking pictures of a tree stump. Quite innocently I tell you...when a member of the city's law enforcement team comes up behind me and asks, "Um lady? Do you have everything you need?" Now, am I supposed to believe that I am the only 50 year old, overweight woman he found kneeling beside a tree stump snapping pictures all day? Come on... Sheesh...the young smarty pants that he was found this all quite humorous. So did old Bill, my mother and my equally smarty pants daughter. Okay Sue, it is not like it was the first time you have been laughed Am I crazy or what??


Susie said...

Hi Susie Q,
I'd have to agree that since blogging I look for photo ops!!
Haven't had any encounters with policeman in the park though :)

Teresa said...

LOL, I could really see this happening to me...... I think Rusty thinks I'm crazy over here laughing...... Thanks Lady....... T

Sue said...

My camera is always at hand since blogging! I just LOVE your new look, how on earth did you get it? The header is wonderful, care to share your secret?

jafabrit said...

Ha ha the photos are GREAT. I think I know which officer it was, he is fairly new and young :) I wonder what he would have said if you had said "no" lol!

Jen said...

OMG, that is SOOOO funny! You should've said I will after you pose for me!!

I can totally see this happening, I'm laughing

Dawn Bibbs said...

Sue, you are too funny! Maybe he thought you were looking for your medication! I mean, I misplace mine by tree stumps ALL the time! Hee hee

But this does bring one thing to mind...shouldn't you holding a camera been a little clue for him? I mean, people take all kinds of pictures everyday, don't they?

Great photos by the way!

Cheryl Wray said...

LOL!!! That is TOO funny!!!
I have found that being a blogger and a scrapbooker have made me be a constant picture taker! You never know what you're gona take pics of next!!
I LOVE to see all your pics, so keep taking them!!!
And, oh, your new header is gorgeous!!!

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

That must have been a sight!...I'm glad I am not the only one who is picture crazy...the waitress at the japanese restaurant I went to thought I was insane for taking pictures of the sushi we ordered...oh well!

PAT said...

Yes Sue, there is a photo op around every corner! I had my camera at the book fair and my dear sweet g'daughter, made a comment about it...not a bad one. She's very indulgent of her doting G'ma!

I love your bark photos!

I've taken a look at your other posts I missed while we were out of town!! Loved them all!

And yes..if I could get over my fear of flying, I would LOVE to spend a weekend in one of those beautiful English Cottages. It would be like going back to my roots!

Back Porch Musings

FrenchGardenHouse said...

absolutely not! You aren't crazy,if you are, then we ALL are!

It's so totally true, since becoming a "blogger" everything is a photo-op!

gold said...

It is so true since I started blogging my camera is with me at all times.I always love your photo shots.

TK Angels said...

Oh my- I can picture this. Hahahah Only you could get the eye of a policeman.

Take care,

Rhoda said...

LOL, Susie Q! that's a great story & you really captured some wonderful shots of...ummm, tree bark there. Really, I'm just kidding the tree shots are very artistic. That's hilarious about the cop. I find myself toting my camera everywhere now...blogging opportunities always present themselves.


Twinkle Pink said...

Hee Hee oh I did giggle. I have to say that since I started blogging I take the oddest pictures close ups.

I often feel a little bit self conscious when with camera in hand I find something interesting looking like a victorian drain with all the green moss. Yes I know that down on the knees right in the thick of it feeling. LOL

best wishes Ginny

Sheila said...

Lawks a mercy..!
I miss a day and I have all this to catch up on. The carnival looks like great fun, and I love your photos.
Brian ? well what can I say. LOL
And the tree stump photography.....well I was trotting around my yard again today, after the squirrels this time, and I caught the neighbour's curtain twitching..LOL. I feel your pain, we are so misunderstood..!!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thanks for visiting me! I love your photos...tree bark IS beautiful!!

Sheila said...

I seem to have my camera with me much more often now that I started blogging, too! I don't leave the house without it anymore, where before I would only use it on special occassions.