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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Similarity Is Uncanny!

Yahoo! Avatars Andi posted her Avatar's picture so I am posting mine and yes. I AM a copy cat thank you! Actually, I DO look exactly like my Avatar. Really! I DO! My hair is sorta, kinda cut like this, this color only a tad blonder. I DO have a camera and stand around in front of checkerboard walls a lot. I also wear a lot of black like this. Usually. Often. Occasionally. Today. And I am tall, slim and cute just like this only in a fatter, shorter, middle aged way. Like I said, I look just like this. I DO!! Right? RIGHT???


Valerie said...

no you do NOT look like your are MUCH cuter!!! way, WAY cuter!!!

Andi said...

Oh my gosh...I think we may be twins!!! Love your have such good taste! We must be related. hehehe

Paula said...

Love your comparison!! I'd see myself through the same glasses! :)

Betty Jo said...

How cute! You are always so funny. I'm sure you look much better even than this. xoxo

Dawn Bibbs said...

Susie, you are too funny and too cute. If I saw this little chick walking down the street...I'd take a second look and say, "Hey, I know her! That's Susie Q.!!" :-)