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Monday, June 18, 2007


~To Dayton~ Love of home, sublimest passion That the human heart can know! Changeless still, though fate and fashion Rise and fall and ebb and flow, To the glory of our nation, To the welfare of our state, Let us all with veneration Every effort consecrate. And our city, shall we fail her? Or desert her gracious cause? Nay--with loyalty we hail her And revere her righteous laws. She shall ever claim our duty, For she shines--the brightest gem That has ever decked with beauty Dear Ohio's diadem.
~Paul Laurence Dunbar
Woodland Cemetery Dayton, Ohio


Andi said...

What history can be found in an old cemetery. Yours is particularly interesting and your photos of the stones and sculptures are lovely.

I remember going on a scavenger hunt once with my church group and we had to locate the oldest grave stone in the local cemetery and do a pencil rubbing of the date. The team that returned with the oldest date won a prize.

Valerie said...

amazing, hon. just amazing.

closest thing we have to a "historical" cemetery here in Mostly Smoggy So.Cal. is up in L.A. and it's where a TON of movie stars are resting. oh, and Armand Hammer, too, but that's another story.

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

These are beautiful pictures. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog. I look forward to more beautiful pictures and interesting vignettes.

Sheila said...

I enjoyed seeing this post.
I share your appreciation of cemeteries and the history they give us.