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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I've Got The Blues...And Whites

It is my favorite color combination...crisp, cool but warm and cozy at the same time. Blue and white can be successfully paired with so many colors...greens, yellows, reds, browns, blacks...and be equally beautiful with each of them. I just love this delightful combo that can be found in oh so many sources. Fashion, home decor and yes, in nature of course. And what is more beautiful than a deep blue Summer sky sprinkled with bright white clouds? Mother Nature gave us this sweet color palette and I revel in it!


LisaOceandreamer said...

I love, love, love blue and white!! From cobalt to periwinkle to aquas and has to be someplace in my house and in my clothes and in my art at all times! and yes, definitely a blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds is perfect!
It's the ocean!

oh and I can't understand the whole camera at the fair fiasco. How ridiculous to single you out of an entire crowd of camera toting people! With that in mind then why not ban cameras in Disneyland?
Geesh! Sic 'em Sue!

Sheila said...

Blue and white , Oh I love it so much...!
In fact I bought a piece yesterday on my travels..!
In the top collage you show a teapot that I have..!
What is it about these colours together..just looking at them makes me feel good..!

Pamela said...

an artistic collage it is!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh my, I love the Blue & White too. I have it all over my BRIGHT YELLOW kitchen. Looks fresh!!

Have an awesome day!!

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

Oh you know that's my favorite too! I love those pictures. I'm going to go drool over them so more now.

Betty Jo said...

What gorgeous photos! I adore blue and white too Sue. xoxo

Betty Jo said...

Oops! Meant to say I love your new blog header. I just opened a second blog, a food blog, and the colors are blue and white. xoxo

Gretchen said...

I just "need" to make a blue and white quilt. Period. I have one on my bed, which is starting to look "not so fresh", but it's going to stay there until it's threadbare because I love the color combo so much. A) not too girly, so Big can live with it and B) living in Seattle, you need a little white to balance out the blue--because if it were all blue, I might get even MORE depressed in the winter LOL!


the feathered nest said...

I wish my hydrangeas looked like those in the picture! I love that collage of pictures - blue & white is one of my favorite color combos. It's so classic.


Melissa said...

Great minds think alike - those are my favorite colors too!

And thanks so much for always saying such lovely things about Anna Marie on my blog. You really do have a touching way with words!

Andi said...

Love your blue and white. It's so pretty and fresh. We had so much blue going on in our last house I vowed to not put any in this home. There are some pieces that made their way in though. I have some old game plates (turkeys) that were my Dad's and they have this wonderful cobalt blue in them.

Rose Mary said...

I love blue/white, too, Susie Q. My mom has always decorated with that combination. I have it, too, but mix a lot of green and red with it. It is crisp, clean and always gives you a feeling of contentment!

Paula said...

Fantastic collages! Blue and white is lovely. So fresh and crisp.

Michelle said...

thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog! It's always nice to "meet" another military family out there too :)

We're not quite back from our road trip yet...spending the week w/my in-laws in OK and then finally heading home!

Southern Heart said...

I'm a blue-n-white girl, too! I never seem to tire of it...and your photos are lovely!

xo, Andrea