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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The I Pod Meme

I got this fun meme from Grace's wonderful Rose Hill Cottage blog. Her link can be found just to the right! Pay her a visit!

I am technologically challenged and have no I Pod so Dan loaded up his I Pod with songs he thought that his Dad and I would like...he shuffled for me and these were the results....

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Put your music player on shuffle. 2. Press forward for each question. 3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it

doesn’t make sense. NO CHEATING!

How do you feel today? Takin' It To The Streets: The Doobie Brothers

Hmmm...I really had no idea I was THAT angry today!

What's your outlook on life? First Cut Is The Deepest : Sheryl Crowe

Ouch, now we are back to that Tattoo question from the last list! What does your family think of you? Hot Blooded : Foreigner is rather cool today.

What do your friends think of you? Every thing's Changed : Lonestar

Everything? Okay, now you are reminding me how much weight I have gained since High School aren't you? Yeah, yeah...and the gray is coming quicker...yeah, you are SO funny...ha ha...

What do your exes think of you? Wild Angels : Martina McBride

I cannot even remember back far enough to my exes...that would have been over

32 years ago...wild? Me?? Angel...that is more like it!

How's your love life? Lowdown : Boz Scaggs

Maybe this is better left alone...lowdown indeed.

How will your love life be in the future? Imagine : John Lennon

Imagine what John??? Imagine where??? Why???

Will you get married? When The Lights Go own In The City : Journey

Actually it was at 4:30 in the afternoon and quite sunny. Sunny and HOT! Hot and HUMID. A little LESS light in the city would have been wonderful!

Are you good at school? I Shot The Sheriff : Eric Clapton

I guess I was so poor at school I turned to a life of crime.

Will you be successful? Fire and Rain : James Taylor

See? I KNEW I would be a fire fighter!

What song should they play on your birthday? Come Sail Away : Styx

Ooh...someone is getting me a cruise??? What song should they play at your graduation? Crazy Little Thing Called Love : Queen

Crazy I was...still am quite often. Bill calls me Love sometimes...but Little? I doubt that anyone would call me little. The Soundtrack of your life? Red House : Jimi Hendrex

Actually Jimi, I live in a little BLUE house but thanks for asking! You and your best friends are? Tracks Of My Tears : Smokey Robinson

Are we crying because we are sad or because we are laughing so hard? I choose the second answer! Happy times: Words : Bee Gees

I LOVE words...writing , books...happy times spent with words!

Sad times: Highway To Hell : AC/DC

Oh that is a real sad time...whew...someone tell a joke!

Every day: Innocence : Hootie and The Blowfish

I am the Queen of innocence...a veritable babe in the woods...yeah right. You really don't believe that now do you? Or DO you?? For tomorrow: Can't Smile Without You : Barry Manilow

Without all of my blogger friends I would be so sad!!

For you: Runnin' With The Devil : Van Halen

Hey!! I SAID I was innocent. The Queen of Innocence! I can't be running with the devil!

What does next year have in store for you? Down On Me : Janis Joplin

Okay, so I get a little down on myself from time to time but hey. I am working on that and will NOT do it next year! What do you say when life gets too hard? Marrakesh Express : Crosby Stills and Nash

I guess I am taking off for Marrakesh and all points East. What song will you dance to at your wedding? Funk 49 : Joe Walsh

I think they should have asked Bill this question! Or not! But do not ask me about the time someone I knew (whose brother was a good buddy of Joe's) tried to fix me up with Joe Walsh. Really. 1975. And Bill was a major Walsh fan...he would have been so proud! Argh...I think this was back when Joe was doing major amounts of drugs so it would have been a real fun date. Besides. I was the good girl remember. No fun at all! Me thinks that Joe would have been quite disappointed!

What do you want as your career? Black Dog : Led Zeppelin

A veterinarian! No, you have to be good at Math for that. How about dog grooming? I LOVE ones, white ones, brown ones, spotted ones, fuzzy ones...

Your favorite saying: Celebrate : Rare Earth

Yup...celebrate every day you are here on this very *rare* gift...*Earth*!!!

How will you die? Put 'Er There : Bing Crosby and Bob Hope

Oh wow. I swear this is what popped up. Dan had no idea what the question was when he gave me the title. Oh heck..just *put me there* and go out for ice cream.

Have one for me.


PEA said...

Oh Sue...LOL...I sooo love your sense of humour! I'd never seen this meme before and it sure was a good one!! Some of the songs you ended up getting to answer the questions were just hilarious! hehe xox

Rose Mary said...

That was lots of fun SusieQ! I'm afraid I wouldn't know an iPod if I saw one:-0!

Valerie said...

ice cream.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Sue, you are too funny. I always love reading your answers on the lists you post. You're a mess!

Have a great weekend, my friend.