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Saturday, June 02, 2007

It Has A Great Beat And I Can Dance To It Mr. Clark!

Here is a fun site! It allows you to see what song was number one on the charts on a particular day! Check out what was the big hit on the day you were born, your wedding day, the day you graduated high school or college. Heck, you can even see what was hot that special day you were paroled. Or, maybe not. My cousin checked the day he was divorced, the day he bought his first house, the day he went into the Marines. I guess it is all about choosing a day you remember well and see what music might have been playing on your car radio. The day's soundtrack if you will! It was a lot of fun to walk down a musical memory lane. Give it a try...just click on the URL above!
Don't Be Cruel/Houndog ~ Elvis Presley ~ The day I was born
Band On The Run ~ Paul McCartney and Wings ~ The day I graduated from High School
Three Times A Lady ~ The Commodores ~ The day I graduated from College
Grease ~ Frankie Valli ~ The day I was married
Nothing Compares To You ~ Sinead O'Conner ~ The day Daniel came into our lives
Goodies ~ Ciara ~ The day Grace came into our lives


Sheila said...

This is fun Sue, where do you find these things..!
I will now be looking up all the relevant dates...!
Thanks for sharing, and also for the kind comments you take the time to leave on my posts..!

Jen said... b'day was That's the Way I like it by KC and something or other

Andi said...

This looks so much fun! I'll have to check out this site this afternoon!

PEA said...

The day I was born, this is the song that was #1..."Wake Up Little Susie" by The Everly Brothers. That really is a fun site:-) xox

PAT said...

I enjoyed this so much, Sue. I'm going to share it with some of my old school friends! They'll love it, too!

Back Porch Musings

Sheila said...

Sue - how cute! All of those songs sounded like around the same for me too (well,we're only a year apart!) but I'm going to have to do this later! I'll post results on my blog! Should be interesting! :)