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Friday, June 22, 2007

A List! A List!

~Sue (with very different hair) and Gary Sinise at a fundraiser I helped run 10 years ago~
I got this fun tag from Melissa a little while ago. I just HATE doing lists you know...okay. So I actually LOVE doing them. Adore and could just hug them. I dream about doing lists in my sleep. I fantasize about lists....too much information? Alrighty then. On with the list. Hmpf.
What were you doing 10 years ago?
Let's see. I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday and you expect me to remember back 10 years ago?? Sheesh. I was living in Rome, New York. I occasionally worked at the Historical Society and we took a lot of long weekend trips all over New England. We had our first cat, Hannah, who was my baby but was also the most grumpy, spoiled feline ever! Gorgeous but a total pill! We had just purchased our first computer and I immediately looked up things about Brian Dennehy and Gary Sinise. I was, at that time, a board member of Gary's fan based fundraisers and we had just run our first successful gig in Chicago! Oh yeah, I met Gary for the first time 10 years ago last week! Dan was in High School and Bill was working with the Air Force, Air National Guard and members of the Canadian Air Force. He was the sole Navy staffer. I was also chosen as Ms. Rome for my rare beauty, poise and humble nature. Naaah. I was trying to see if you were still awake.
What were you doing 1 year ago?
Our house was for sale since we thought we would be moving to Virginia. 1 year ago today, Grace and I were in VA. with Bill who was working in military research at Old Dominion University. I had a great time vacationing in a city we lived in for 7 years and showing it all to Grace. But it did show us another thing...we decided that we were just meant to live in Ohio! Came home and took the house off the market.
Five Snacks You Enjoy:
5? You want me to narrow it down to 5? Do I look like a person who only snacks on 5 things? Sheesh. I have a PhD is snacking people! Okay...chocolate anything, cheese, veggies and dip, chips and salsa and frozen fruit bars.
Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics To:
When it comes to music I have a steel trap mind. Math? Not so much *shiver* Ooh. I said the M word and scared myself. I can remember just about every word to every song I have ever heard. Okay, so that may a slight exaggeration but heck. It is *almost* true. I now know every song by Hannah Montana and from High School Musical. Thank you Disney Channel. I know the entire Wiggle's music catalog. I realize that is scary but it is true. I know every lyric to just about every major Broadway musical ever written. Elton John's and Bernie Taupin's entire play list. The Ohio State Fight song and Alma Mater
Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire:
I will be entirely self serving here with the 5 things but a lot would be given to charity ...specifically ones that deal with children's and animal's issues. Then I would... Create a scholarship in my Mom's honor and my Dad's memory. Adopt a little girl from Vietnam and yes, I am crazy thank you! (Sorry but I get that comment a lot when I say such things! WHAT?? You are almost 51! Are you crazy??) Pay off my house, my brother's house and buy Dan a house. Invest for Grace Travel, travel, travel. travel and then take a little trip.
Five Bad Habits: 5? Just 5? Do I look like a person who only has 5 bad habits? Sheesh...
Snacking (On those 5 things listed above) Procrastination Being too self critical (But I think I am a horrible person for saying that!) Not getting enough sleep because I am blogging late at now! Brian Dennehy
Five Things You Like To Do:
Write Read Photography Blog See Movies
Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:
Shorts (It is actually a law on the books here. I will be arrested and taken to jail immediately if I am ever caught wearing shorts.) Horizontal stripes (Also a law) Mini Skirts (A law that, if broken, is punishable by a public hanging) High Heels My pajamas and slippers while driving Grace to school. She made me sign a pact in my own blood.
Five Favorite Toys:
My camera My computer My cell phone My DVD players My CD Player Who wants to take their turn?


Teresa said...

omg, love your list..... No wearing
pajamas and slippers while driving Grace.... Come on Y not??.... This so reminds me of something that happened to me when I was a kid.... I'm going to blog about it now..... Thanks Sue for giving me a blog idea so early in the morn.... He he..... T

TK Angels said...

I also love your list. You do have a knack for creating good replies to lists.

You all know that I am glad you are here in Ohio with me *smile*

Take care and love to all

Rhoda said...

Hey, Susie! I'll come back & read your list when I have more time! Just wanted to tell you to feel free to use my lamp post to copy for yourself. I'd love to see your lamp collection too, so jump right in there & share.


Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

Funny list! Ya know..people look at me like I have two heads when I tell them we want to have another baby..people will make comments to me are ya'll done yet?..people can be sooo rude.
Have a great weekend!!

Tammy said...

Oh, this was so fun to read! :)
I loved reading your whole list!

(And yes, my girls, 5 and 7, and myself know all the songs to High School Musical, oldest goes around the house singing and pretending she's Gabriella!) :)

Rose Mary said...

I love getting to know you better Susie Q! I think I'll go have a snack--one my bad habits, too!

Mom2fur said...

You met Gary Sinese? I love him! He is one of my all-time favorite actors!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm like you--I run things into the ground before I get rid of them. But other people who 'throw away' perfectly good stuff are a blessing to the rest of us, LOL!
I'm flattered you are putting my link on your site, and I'll do the same for you!

Sheila said...

Hi Sue, loved the list! Your answers are great!

PAT said...

Hi Sue! Loved your list!

Wow..I've missed getting over here often enough, again this week!
I love all the posts.

Gracie's artwork, amazing as always!

I'll second Rhoda's motion. I want to see your lamps, plz!

Back Porch Musings

jafabrit said...

I had such fun reading your list and related so well to them. I don't blame Grace regarding the jammie/slipper thing in the car LOL!

smilnsigh said...

Good man, that Gary Sinise! And you know him, up close and personal. Wow!!!

And nope, I won't join in with the list. I am catagically {no I can not spell it!!!!} allergic to lists and all such blog things. >,-)

But me too, I know lots of words to lots of songs. And I can't sing! My husband has a beautiful baritone voice and... can't remember lyrics. Funny how life is, hu? ,-)


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, I just LOVE your list!!! And you are so, so witty the shorts comment. Too funny!!!!
I am saving this one for a future Random Tuesday post. :-)
Hope you have a beautiful weekend!!

wendster said...

Wow! I was really behind on reading your blog, and I love it so much! Your mom looks great. I love your childlike qualities (we share the ame brain and heart) great great photos of Ohio, I snack all day long, and MAYBE I will do the list. And I am sending Jolene's son Chad two ducks ("bride and groom" ducks) also! Sorry I got so behind! I absolutely love your posts and enjoyed catching up. I think it's nice, by the way, that you have memorized a gazillion songs (so have I ... I challenge ANYONE to a sesame street song duel!) and that you would adopt a child from Vietnam. Who cares if you are 50 ish. And I love your avatar. But you might want to stand by checkered walls less ... they make my vision swim!
Have a great week! Stop and see me sometime!

PEA said...

Gary Sinise! You met Gary Sinise? Your sat beside Gary Sinise???? Swooooon!!! hehe He's one of my faves! I so enjoyed reading your list...ya ya we know how you detest lists! LOL You are so much fun to read, you make me smile and laugh every time I come visit you:-) Thank you for being YOU!! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! xoxo

Susie said...

I've been tagged for this meme. I just have to get busy and do it. The high heels and short skirts are two of my answers too!

Sharon Kay said...

A list that was fun to read........a rabbit told me to read this post.

"Early Bird" said...

You're a winner...come check it out!!

Andi said...

Love your always! I'll have to do this list on my blog as well...if I can remember back 10 years. I'll have to think about that one.

Oh...I thought you were a naural blonde...whatever possessed you to darken you hair back then??? Did that Gary Sinise like brunettes? I hear that Brian guy prefers blondes!!!

Looks like you've won something from the comment above mine. I'll have to check that out as well. Congratulations!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Mashed banana mashed banana,,,come on Sue, do the hand actions with me!
Quack quack quack quack, cocka-doodle-doo! You get the drift.
If the Wiggles come to town, I am destined to be front row with my two little girls.
They are huge fans too. Hence me walking around singing that Yule Be Wiggling movie sountrack, xo!
Great meme.
Salsa, YES!!!

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hello,enjoyed your witty written lists, and even read thru 'all your current blog postings..lovely pictures of your city..makes me wanna get dressed and come over for a visit!well us 50 plus girls gotta keep our child like souls,and twak em with a bit of humor..keep creating and had to add you to my blog so i can keep my eye on you!

Carrie J said...

I love Gary Sinise! My daughter is in theater. She works as a costumer for a theater right now and is also an actress(a very good one says her proud Mom). She has said she would love to work at his theater. Ha Ha on the robe and slippers. I got caught in a traffic jam doing that one time and learned my lesson!

Pamela said...

Gary Sinise would have been on my list somewhere b waahhahahahah.. maybe in the hobby section.