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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Portrait Retrospective

The Grace Gallery has another showing this afternoon...more portraiture. Perhaps Sotheby's should be thinking about an *invitation only*auction of these works soon. Ya think?


Sheila said...

I love Grace's art, it is so colourful, so full of live..!
She is a talented girl...get her an agent...!
I think these pictures are a reflection of her happiness and confidence, they are so bold..!
I will now go and give my congratulations to the people celebrating their special occasions today..hugs

Betty Jo said...

This is so bright and pretty! What gorgeous colors Grace is using in her art. It makes me feel energized just looking at it. xoxo

TK Angels said...

I also love Gracie's art. I bet she is the art teacher's pet *smile*

Take care,

Gretchen said...

Whoa! She did that all by herself? (Drama Girl's comments). I echo them. YOu need to find a way for Grace to support you and Bill because, clearly, she could! LOL. :) Awesome art!

Pamela said...

I would totally hang that on a wall...