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Monday, June 25, 2007

Hair Clogs And Soap Scum And Plumbers! Oh My!

ARGH!! Had to call in the reinforcements this afternoon. Nothing we did could dislodge the evil that lurked in our shower drain. Er, I should say, Dan and Grace's shower. How can I adequately describe the fear I have faced this weekend? Oh no, I am so sorry...I scared you huh? Imagine *my* pain. It was pure torture I tell you. Don't you feel sorry for me now? No? NO? *sigh*


"Early Bird" said...

You are sooooo funny!!

Twinkle Pink said...

In the older houses over here in England you only get one bathroom, so there are 6 of us queuing for the loo .... now don't you feel sorry for me huh..... thats a long line when your in a rush. LOL :))

When I move it's all going to change ... oh yes ...:)

PEA said...

Oh...we are supposed to feel sorry for you??? Ok....awwwww poor poor poor Sue, what a terrible now, have some chocolate, that will relax your nerves!! There...was that good enough??? hehe xoxo

Southern Heart said...

That was too funny! Thanks for the laugh :)


Andi said...

Perhaps you should stay at a hotel until it's repaired!!! You are so funny my sweet Sue! My Dad grew up in a house with an "outhouse" and he had 6 siblings plus his parents...Yikes!!!

Hey, I want you to do a post on your lamps! I was reading Rhoda's post and your comment and I declare I think I must be lacking in the "lamp" department. I want to see pictures too because I can't even imagine where I would put all the lamps it sounds like you two have.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Yes, sweetie...I DO feel sorry for you!!! Maybe whatever is clogging up my sink is grabbing hold to whatever clogged up your shower :-).

Teresa said...

Oh, that would be a nightmere here.... Sharing the bathroom with the kids..... No Way..... I feel for you..... T

Valerie said...

oh, i DO feel sorry for you. when Husband's terlit was out of commish, he was using my pristine, flowered, lace covered commode. ewwwwwwwwww.

smilnsigh said...

Best of luck with the eeeeeeevil hair clogs and soap scum!!!

And yes, we actually raised three children, with one full bath room. And a powder room downstairs. And we were fine. I know... You think I'm gonna' say we all walked to school through the snow, uphill both ways too, dont' you? -giggles-

But honest, it has been done. :-)


Jen said...

it's torture for me to use the kids bathroom as well...I so like my toilet & shower!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Oh those rats my husband dislodges from our drain on occasion, reminds me of your own conundrum!
Being naturally curly has its disadvantages, like escapees wrapping themselves around the drain pipe.
Sharing a bathroom, oh the horror!

Pamela said...

those were the days. Between me and the hubby we don't have enough hair to make a squeak.

..... oh that right this is a rabbit blogger.. you have lots of hare