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Friday, June 29, 2007

Rats! Did Someone Say Rats?

I have been waiting for this day for...for...well..let's just say, for a LONG time!


Jammy said...

I am excited about this, too. We've decided, as a family of 8 who NEVER goes to the movies, to go once a month at least this summer and this one is too cute to pass up!! =D


Mama P said...

I personally find The Incredibles to be a flawless, brilliant screenplay. And I mean that with no tone of snooty snoot. Seriously, just so well crafted. I can't wait to see this movie, too. But I'll wait a month or so. Don't want the opening nighter's pissed at my son laughing five minutes after the fart joke.

Dawn Bibbs said...

This movie sure sounds cute. But why a RAT??? ICK!!! Jayla wants to see this so badly, but I'm such a cheap mommy...wonder how long it'll be before it's on the "free movies for the summer" list? Hee Hee