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Monday, June 04, 2007

A Texas Style Birthday Shout Out!

I know this really great lady down Texas way and she just had a birthday! Happy Birthday dear Teresa! Her blog link can be found just to the right so please join me in wishing her well and send her a Lone Star style HAPPY BIRTHDAY yahoo! Oh, and she just kinda, sorta, likes Betty Boop. Just a little....Happy Birthday dear Teresa!


Andi said...

This is so darn cute!!! A Betty Boop for the Texas Birthday Girl! Hope you had a great day Teresa~

Southern Heart said...

Happy Birthday, Teresa....hope that it was a perfect day for you! (My best friend in high school looked a great deal like Betty Boop).

Teresa said...

Oh I love it Sue, You made my day.... Thanks Everyone for the BD Wishes.... T

Sheila said...

Happy birthday Teresa, today is my hubby's b/day too.
He's 61, so we added 6+1=7, and put 7 candles on his strawberry shortcake. We thought 61 might be a fire hazard..LOL

PEA said...

Happy Birthday Teresa:-) Just the other day when I was at Hallmark I was looking at the Betty Boop figurines they have there!! xox

Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

Happy Happy Birthday..ya southern thang!!!!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Happy Birthday!
HOw are you, suzie q???

Pamela said...

Betty Boop for president.

And Happy Birthday Texas Girl.

PAT said...

Cute post!!

Happy b'day Teresa!

Back Porch Musings

Sugar Bear said...

I love Betty Boop! Happy Birthday Teresa.

Valerie said...

it's better king-sized, cuz everything's bigger in Texas! happy birthday, Teresa!