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Friday, July 20, 2007

I Said RANDOM Not Ridiculous!

What do all of these men have in common? They all have a ridiculous...oops. RANDOM connection to Susie Q of Rabbit Run Cottage.
Okay, so my random list will be ridiculous but would you expect it to be otherwise?

There is another Susie Q in the blogging world! She is not so very different than me. She is lovely, classy, very pretty, creative, writes brilliantly, has a glorious garden and awesome home. So okay...I am nothing like her! Sheesh! OKAY! But she is all I aspire to be!

She also has a wonderful blog that I know you will enjoy!

And, our Susie Q II has tagged me to write 8 things about myself. Now, as I do have the power of schmooze, I have told you all so many things about myself. Mindless and inane things I know but things none the less. So, let's see. Hmmm....8 things...random...factual...not inane...

Here are The Rules!

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts. 2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves. 3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. 4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

1. I once sat on Phil Donahue's lap. Sorry Marlo. Okay, so I was a brownie Scout on a tour of the local CBS affiliate and he was doing his radio show. Still, I sat on his lap. I think he will remember it fondly. He dreams about it. Or not.

2. I was rude to National League All Star Rusty Staub when he was playing for the Montreal Expos. I was in love with Johnny Bench of the Cincinnati Reds. It was a torrid and wild love affair. Of course it would have been even better if Johnny had known who I was. And if I had been old enough to actually have a torrid and wild love affair or knew what it was. But I digress...Rusty was positioned near where we were sitting and tried to give me an autograph. Would I do it? Are you kidding? He was the enemy! I told him I only accepted autographs from Reds. Oh was my poor Father embarrassed. Rusty thought it quite funny. Dad did not. I was unceremoniously taken out and *spoken to*. Yup. Rusty still remembers this moment fondly. Or not.

3. I chatted with ventriloquist Paul Winchell...yes, THE voice of TIGGER! At a Dayton, Ohio Home Show in 1963. He asked to speak with me and yes, he DID have Jerry Mahoney with him. Sad how real he was on the TV show but how wooden he looked in the to speak. Jerry NOT Paul. Paul looked quite life like and nice. Jerry looked just slightly evil. Hey! At least I took an autograph from HIM! I am sure that Paul always remembered this meeting fondly. Or not. Wooden old Jerry Mahoney still does.

4. I borrowed a dime from Boston Celtic Larry Bird. Of course, when I did, he was Indiana State's Larry Bird. I was in a Terre Haute Pizza Hut, on a University sponsored trip. I will try to make this brief by just saying, I spilled my purse at the pay phone and this very tall guy with shaggy blond hair stopped to help me. He gave me a dime for the phone and we talked for a few minutes. When he left, an elderly man came up to me and asked how well I knew Larry Bird. Larry who? "Uh, that guy you were talking to....the young man who will be the savior of Indiana State basketball." When I returned home that evening, my boyfriend Bill, (yeah, that same guy I am married to!) had a complete melt down over LARRY BIRD!!!! So, I did what any self respecting girl would do and became a die hard college basketball fanatic and eventually a radical Celtic fan. We saw the Celtics play many times and they never failed to amaze me. I am sure that Larry remembers me quite fondly. Or not.

5. I once dated astronaut Gus Grissom's cousin. The cousin never landed on the moon. Neither did Gus. But hey. Gus was a hero. And his cousin remembers me fondly. Or not.

6. I have been in a Juvenile Detention Center, a women's prison, a local city's jail and a Federal Maximum Security prison. Yes, I was a ne'erdowell..well, I was also a Sociology major who studied criminology! And no, I do not remember these visits fondly. *Shiver*

7. I was attacked, on my Grandfather's farm, by a deranged rooster when I was 8. The rooster remembers it fondly, I do not.

8. I once played "A Lady In Waiting" in our High School's production of Cyrano de Bergerac. I brought the house down. Okay, that really wasn't my fault. I accidentally bumped into the boy who controlled the curtains and he...well...let's just say neither of us remember this fondly. is my turn to tag some of you! Ooh...I feel just like a wildlife scientist on the African Savannah...what? Oh. Not THAT sort of tagging. I tag....drum roll please... dear blogging friends, Andi, Sheila in Chicagoland, Jen, Missy, Valerie, Terri, Pea & Dawn. I guarantee their answers will NOT be ridiculous and you will remember them fondly.


Betty Jo said...

Oh my! You certainly have had an interesting life my friend. This was such fun to read. You have such a terrific sense of humor. I'm lovin' it! xoxo

Andi said...

Love your Larry Bird story!!! You mean pay phones only cost a dime then? hee hee!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

What great "random" things about you!!

I'm taking a stab in the dark here and "assuming" that you're tagging ANOTHER Dawn?!?!? I mean, there ARE 2 Susie Q's.... No? So you DO mean me??? Alrighty, I'm on soon as I can come up with 8 random things even remotely close to as interesting as yours...hmmm...

LisaOceandreamer said...

Girl, you should be writing for Leno or Letterman or maybe that Craig Ferguson guy...or some comedy show. I KNOW Susie Q becomes new Erma Bombeck!! Yes that's it!!!!

Can I have your autograph? I promise I'll remember if fondly! :)

Pamela said...

you are my hero.
really -~!

Great set of randoms - probably the best I've read

Sheila said...

Just now catching up on posts - loved your list! I'll try to come up with 8 things about me, and post them soon!

SusieQ said...

That was the best (okay the funniest) 8 random facts I have ever read. I laughed and laughed. It is a good thing I didn't ask you to come up with 9 random facts. One more might have done me in.

About Larry Bird: I know someone who knows Larry Bird. Okay, I know someone who claims he knows Larry Bird, but this someone is given to fibbing. So, forget I mentioned it.

Thanks, Susie Q, for going along with this tag. Seriously, you are a very funny woman.

Carolyn said...

What a hoot! Love your list, and was smiling throughout. LOL, by the time I got to the rooster, you had made my day. Or not! Couldn't resist. ;-) A total delight. Thanks for sharing these, uh, "connections" with us!

Thank you too, for the sweet comments you left on my blog. So glad you came by, and enjoyed it. Oh, that banner that drew you in was created by Betty Jo. Awesome, isn't it? Great to be getting to know you, too. Have a great day! :-)