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Friday, July 20, 2007

Farm Fresh And Furry Blessings....

Oh did it storm last night! Lightning and thunder and hail (Oh MY!). Then, at 1am, the sirens sounded. One of our local police officers had detected some rotation in the clouds. Nothing came of it but it is good to know that so many look out for all of us. Of course, when I first heard the siren, I calmly and bravely woke my family and led them down to the basement by running wildly through the house screaming and flapping my chubby little arms like a deranged goose evading the Christmas dinner plate. We had a lot of rain yesterday and then again today. Much needed rain! Our poor grass has had a tough time growing this year and the mower (Oh yeah, we actually have a PUSH mower! My environmentally green husband insisted) was so lonely it was taking out personal ads. The air already smells and feels so much more crisp & fresh! Earlier today Grace, Mom and my buddy T took a little drive to a favorite local farm & politely and pleasantly purchased some just picked pretty perky produce. Say that 10 times fast. Go ahead. You know you want to. Colorful fresh flowers for the table compliment all the delicious produce! Dinner tonight was meatless and healthy and oh so delicious! Would you believe that Grace ate plate fulls of green beans? Oh and doesn't she love new potatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe and fresh picked corn! She could not get enough! Our two new friends agree that the corn this year is awesome!
After dinner we all went to our church for the annual Blessing of the Animals. There was a smaller turn out because of the hit and miss showers but those in attendance were sweet, well behaved and rather polite! There was nary a growl nor hiss heard among the throng! And the animals behaved too! Our minister was called away due to a parishioner's serious illness but 2 very kind and special staff members assisted in our Reverend's absence. We decided not to bring Henry and Lucy as they both dislike their box so. Okay. Let's be truthful. What they really do is squall and scratch and scream like banshees when they see said boxes. It is not pretty. It is very UNBlessing like. Grace brought their pictures and they received their blessings in this way! Here is of the prayers asks God to "Help me to be less naughty and to always mind my human parents." Kipper says he is afraid he did not HEAR this part. This precious doxie was injured a few years ago and his back legs are paralyzed. He gets along quite well! Such a sweetheart. Here is my Mom with Abby. Sweet Abby is scared of her own shadow I am afraid. She decided these people were going to give her a shot or take her temperature or clip her nails. I made sure I got a picture of "Holly" for you dear Andi! Now, how do you finish off an evening of blessings? Why, at Ritter's for frozen custard of course! Kip meeting a new fan... Notice the sleepy eyes? Let's get this car in gear Dude! Whoa...blessings and custard sure take a lot out of a little dog. G' Night All!


Jen said...

loved your post :)

T*mmy said...

The blessing of the animals...what a sweet thought!!
And all as cute as can be!

TK Angels said...

I have never taken our cats to the blessing of the animals at our church. I think they could not handle it. Especially Sir William :)

We need to get together.

Take care,

PAT said...

Where do I begin, Sue!! I loved every bit of this post! Loved the pictorial of the Blessing of Animals...just absolutely wonderful.

Green beans, new potatoes, corn, watermelon.......mmmmmm...

Your "mail" post is delightful, too!


Sugar Bear said...

So cute! We have a blessing of the animals at our Church as well - usually around Easter time. We haven't brought our dear mini schnauzer Margot because she is just so excited when she is in a new place - she would never sit still and she would go crazy when she saw all the other animals! She wants to play with them all!

Gretchen said...

I love the idea of a blessing of the animals--those who make our lives so livable deserve a blessing! Also, I was practically tapping at the melons thru the computer screen. Your farmer's haul looked luscious. Great shots. ((((hugs))))gretchen

SusieQ said...

This post was absolutely precious as were all the photos of the animals..and the people...and the FRESH PRODUCE.

I love the way you wrote in this piece. You are such a cutie pie when you write. I want to write like that.

I have never witnessed a blessing of the animals. I think that is a wonderful practice.

Take your time on the 8 random facts about yourself. No big hurry.

Andi said...

This is the all time best post!!! I love all the beautiful produce but the blessing of the animals was wonderful.

Kipper looks so sweet and Holly is a cutie too. Bully would like her for sure!

jafabrit said...

LOL I love this "Let's get this car in gear Dude!" What a picture. I loved seeing all these beautiful little animals.

G.G. said...

Thanks for sharing your Blessing of the Animals experience. I hope you will stop by and visit my site.

I wrote the book, Blessing of the Animals: A Guide to Prayers & Ceremonies to Celebrate Pets & Other Creatures (ISBN 1402729677) and always like finding people who are celebrating their pets with blessings.

Please drop by and leave a comment when you have a moment. The site is just click on the blog link and be sure to let me know when you plan another event so I can include it.

Diana Guerrero

Deb said...

Another beautiful post ! Kipper is so adorable.