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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Boo News, Busy Days And Goin' Away!

Now, just what do you think happens to old Susie Q when you add, one wading pool, a 9 year old with a propensity to splash, a 4 year old who LOVES the water, a bucket, a hose and me? Um, I get wet. Damp. Soaked. And I loved every minute of it. The giggling from these 2 children was like music to me.
I hope you are all having a wonderful is hot here again but gee Sue! What do you expect for late July? 40s? We have had rain of late so everything is growing and looking more lush. Grace and I attended a baby shower for my dear neighbor's daughter in law! This will be the first grand baby and yes. They know it will be a girl! The shower was held in our community clubhouse and was well attended. The new Mama and Papa are a special couple and are so excited. The new Grandma and Grandpa are just the dearest people and we truly hit the neighbor jackpot when we moved next door to them! Their lovely daughter flew in from Virginia and we were so pleased to see her. Grace just adores her. We attended the new parents wedding 4 years ago and the daughter's 2 years ago next week. She had exciting news for her parents! She and her husband are also expecting a baby! The pretty new Mama We were all given white onesies and fabric markers to decorate. This was my offering. I missed getting a shot of Grace's! You can guess that it was colorful and bright! Last week I won one of Donna's (from The Decorated House) precious treasures on Ebay! I just adore this and have it in my study...isn't Donna talented! And she is so sweet as well...she included a surprise for Grace. All wrapped in tissue with silk flowers and ribbon was this adorable treat. It now hangs in a place of honor in Grace's room. Thank you dear Donna. You are a sweetheart! Last evening we had a few friends over and bar b qued hamburgers. Everyone brought goodies to share and we had several dishes as well as this fruit salad. What is it about Summer fruit that just makes me so happy? Among the guests was my nephew Boo. He was just a hoot all evening. He has finally begun to clap (I know this is a given with most children but to us, it was a triumph!) and thought it fun to go around and have everyone clap in unison! Needless to say, there was much applause all night! His Mama told us of a new acquaintance that has been a true blessing to her. This lady and her husband have an 8 year old son who was diagnosed Autistic at age 4 as Boo has been. This little guy is now 8, speaks well, writes, sings and has been mainstreamed into school where he does amazingly well. He attended a pre-school/Kindergarten/1st facility like my nephew will attend. We have been tickled to discover that Boo will be enrolled in this new facility in late August. There is one like it in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland. They have a fantastic record of success. It does not come inexpensively but there are grants and what a blessing to know Boo will be a recipient of one of these. It costs upwards of $70,000 a year to school Autistic children in these schools but to be able to help children like Boo unlock their potential is priceless. ~~~~~~~~~~ This afternoon we all went to my brother's and sis in law's for pizza. I guess you saw the top pictures! Splish splash I needed a bath after the soaking I got...and I had to get one more good dose of Boo kisses and hugs before leaving.... Grace and I are on the road to Tennessee now...I have my laptop and hope to check in if time permits. We are taking Mom back to see her friends in the Middle Tennessee town where she and Dad lived for 25 years. We will also see our relatives in the Knoxville area and make a little trip into Gatlinburg. Bill and Dan will stay here with the dogs (Kip and Mom's Abby) and cats. I am sure they will raise quite a ruckus and make a huge mess and get into tussles but I have hopes that Kip, Abby, Lucy and Henry will be able to keep a lid on Bill and Dan. *smile* I will try to visit each of you but, if I do not get to leave a comment, please know I will be thinking about all of you. I will try to catch up next weekend upon our return. Please stay well, safe and enjoy a week filled with smiles, sunshine and happy moments.
Warm hugs to you all,
Susie Q


Susie said...

Looks like a fun baby shower and aren't wonderful neighbors a blessing!
Such good news about Boo!
Have a safe and fun trip, you'll be missed!

PEA said...

What??? You left without me????? Well!!!! hehe From the looks of the pictures, the baby shower was wonderful and fun! What a cute idea to get everyone to decorate a onesie:-) That was such good news about Boo...and so encouraging for his parents to see an older boy with the same problems, having overcome them!! Have a SAFE trip and have FUN!!! xoxo

Blue said...

Baby showers are the best!
Boo is gorgeous.
Hope you have a safe trip.

Rosemary said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend.
Thanks for updating us and sharing.
Have a nice trip.

Valerie said...

you ARE a busy girl!!
have fun and here's hoping the boys don't destroy your house too much!

Jen said...

Stay safe and enjoy yourselves!

Sheila said...

Have a wonderful time!

Melissa said...

That onesie is just too cute. That's such a great idea - you can never have too many of those things with a baby about!

Have a great trip!

Sugar Bear said...

Have a fabulous trip! So happy to hear that Boo is on a wonderful road. Blessings to him and to you all. Looks like that water was a lot of fun!

Dawn Bibbs said...

I love baby showers. Wonder if you can have a "going to Kindergarten shower"? Hmmm, that would save us a little bit on school clothes...hee hee.

Looks like your little Boo and Gracie had a fun time in that water. Gotta love the summer.

By the way, if you're gonna head down to TN, you MAY AS WELL run over here to GA to visit us too...LOL.

Be safe! Love ya!

PAT said...

Have a wonderful trip, Sue. I'm looking forward to hearing about it and seeing photos, too!

I am so happy to see Grace have Donna's art. When I saw it the first time, I thought of your Grace!


T*mmy said...

I enjoyed catching up to you in this post...a road trip to TN, what fun...say Howdy to Tammy Pearl and all the Dollywood gang

Sheila said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend with some very special friends. Have a safe trip, and take photos..!!!


Susie, it seems you have been having lots of fun and being very busy. The time getting wet, I am sure was fun for I have been there and had that done to me. I will always remember. The shower looked like lots of fun. The fruit salad looked great. I love fruit salad. Have a fun trip. connie from Texas

Teresa said...

Stay safe on your trip and what wonderful news you had to share about Boo's schooling.... He's a doll and deserves the very best.... T

jafabrit said...

oh I LOVE gatlinburg. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

The Decorated House said...

Goodness what a jam packed of fun things to hear in one post!
I hope Ms. Grace enjoys her little gift. Her smiling face always makes me smile. I know the Fairies have such a good home with you.

Have a wonderful, fun and safe trip girls!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

The onesie idea for the baby shower is perfect! How cute!

And I LOVE your ebay wins. Gorgeous!!!

Michelle said...

that fruit salad does look delicious! I bought a pineapple the other day and it's so nice and juicy and yummy! sounds like you've had quite the few busy days!

Mama P said...

I adore baby showers. Will you throw me my next one? Say "yes". My husband's been snipped, so there's no chance of you actually being obligated.

TK Angels said...

What a nice baby shower. When you get back call me-and we will all get together. Rick thinks "Baby" finally barked-but I have yet to hear her.

Take care and have fun. Visit the Christmas store-my favorite.


LisaOceandreamer said...

Wow I miss a few days and look at all the activity!! I love baby showers just not some of those games, ha!
I am so happy Boo will have these opportunities, I know it will make all the difference right from the start! He is SO cute, what a smile!!
That Grace, she ALWAYS looks so adorable!
Congrats on winning one of Donna's creations, aren't they just spectacular! She's one very talented gal and how sweet to include Grace!
Hope you're having a good trip, safe travels!

Sharon Kay said...

The shower looks like it was a success and so happy to here the good news about the boy who has the same problem as Boo. Have a good vacation and take a few pictures to share with all of us.

smilnsigh said...

And speaking of HOT.... Please go read my last entry today.... A reminder for when you're hot

I think you'll appreciate it. Might be called 'political' but... NO it's not. Cause I sezzz so. -grin-

Maybe some other mil family blogs would like it, too? -hinting with no shame there- ,-)


Tammy said...

That does look like a wonderful baby shower! Love the pictures!

Oh, and a pool...I just posted about our dog "popping" ours...sigh.

Have a safe and fun trip- blessings!

daisy cottage said...

Have fun Sue!! We'll miss you but will be here when you get back! What a wonderful post - filled with love, promise, treasures, and hope! Thanks for my daily "hug"..

Sheila said...

Gosh you and Grace are such social butterflies..!
Looks like a fun time with Boo! What a sweet boy, I can imagine how exciting it will be for him to attend the new school..xx
You have a safe and fun trip, we want to hear all about it..!

Gretchen said...

Hey, I've never been to TN. I want to come!

The pictures of Boo and Grace and the shower are so fun to look at.

Be safe, and have sooo much fun. Let me know if you spy Brian Dennehy while you're away. :)

Through Robin's Eyes said...

Sue - hope you had a good time on your trip. So glad to hear things are looking so good for Boo.
By the way, I have started a new blog, just something different I wanted to do. Still in the beginning creative stages, but I will be found at this spot from now on. Come visit me...

Through Robin's Eyes said...

Oh yea, it is the former - elegantgrace

Carolyn said...

Wow! Boo is such a joyful presence! Love the clapping in unison. So glad about all of your Boo news. Awesome. Fun hearing of your summer happenings, too. You really did hit the neighbor jackpot, and so did they. Bet you and Grace are having, or had a blast on your trip. Looking forward to hearing about TN! Have a great day! :-)

bs honey said...
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Terri said...

Have a wonderful trip! Take lots of pictures!
God bless.

Naturegirl said...

It is so wonderful to hear that Boo
will be attended a school for his many don't have the opportuinty or wait too long. Boo is a special little soul.
Baby showers are always such a JoY to attend...even those silly games we get to play...I love seeing all the
wee clothing items and the sweet toys and the look on the mothers face!
Happy trails safe travels! hugs NG