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Friday, July 20, 2007

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Sometimes the mail brings the most delicious sort of surprises from special friends. Sometimes it just brings a sky high because of a too dry garden water bill, an advertisement for snow tires, a neighbor's waylaid Playboy and a plea for financial assistance from our Alma Mater. Like we didn't pay them enough 30 years ago?? What did they do with THAT money huh?? Oh yeah...what was I saying? So, today's mail brought the first sort of surprises (and an all too high because it has been so bloody hot electric bill)! From sunny California and dear Valerie... ....this wonderful, handcrafted letter *S*!! Now, I am not sure what it stands for. I thunk and I thunk but this Susie Q just could not decide what this *S* represents! Sexy? Well, that's a given but I am far too modest to advertise that fact. Smart? Oh duh. Supercilious? Scrumptious? Scintillating? Sabotage? Safari? Sailor, Salamander, Samurai? Seductress? Susie will have to give it some more deep thought and perhaps I can come up with it's meaning..think *S*ue, THINK! But it sure is pretty and it looks good on this cabinet in our bedroom. I love it Valerie! Thank you so much! And, from lovely Andi in sunny Florida....this pretty and sweet handmade card! It just made me smile to see it! Thank you so much Andi! Smile! Maybe that is what Valerie's *S* stands for...the friends who make me smile!


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

It's fab!!! AS you know, I love letters and collect them!
Think we have got your thunderstorm here in the U.K. today!!

Jen said...

too funny...I love your S!

did you get the envelope i mailed to you?

T*mmy said...

Nice gifties!

Sue said...

Your post is so funny. I'm right there with you on the sky high water bill. Lucky you to get such cool gifts.

Robin said...

So cute! Now I need an "R."


Cassandra said...

I love your "S"! I need to make one of those!

Valerie said...

you are welcome!

and it can be for

oh yeah, and Susie, too!

Andi said...

Love your "S"!!! Glad you got your card...just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.

Melissa said...

Your "S" is so darling - Valerie is so talented! (I guess she should make herself a "T" then!)

Cheryl Wray said...

What a sweet surprise!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Could the "S" possibly mean...SILLY??? Nah, too obvious!!! LOL