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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Should Apologize!

I really should apologize to all of you!
I so appreciate your allowing me to indulge in a bit of frivolous behavior where Brian is concerned. All of you who have been reading this blog, or have known me, for a long time, know I have this little preoccupation. Ahem... I thank you for not thinking me too silly or strange. I was asked what Brian role was my favorite. That is not easy for me to answer! I have long adored his Leo McCarthy from F/X 1 and F/X 2. I love his Dennis Meechum from Best Seller, Frank Daley from The Last of the Finest and a few of the *bad* guy roles as well. The evil Sheriff Cobb from Silverado is a particular favorite of mine! His Stourley Kracklite in Belly of an Architect was an acting tour de force as was his John Wayne Gacy in To Catch A Killer. He is amazing on stage and his Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman has simply blown people away in NYC, all over the country during it's tour and during it's run in London as well. I lost count of all the accolades he earned for that role. I feel blessed to have seen it performed and can tell you just how powerful and mesmerizing it was. I have many favorites among the TV films and shows but I have to say that my favorite roles are Chuck Mumpson in Foreign Affairs and Sam Marsh in The Lion of Africa. Both were HBO productions and are available on video. If you like a *grown up* romance with an English setting, Foreign Affairs will be right up your alley. It also starred the glorious Joanne Woodward and earned Emmy nods for them both. The Lion of Africa is a action/romance set in Kenya. It also starred the lovely Brooke Adams. It's a lot of fun!


Rex Venom said...

Best Seller definately!
Kicks ass AND Mr Woods!
Rock on!

PEA said...

He certainly is a wonderful actor and I have enjoyed every film he's been are so lucky to have been able to go see him on stage!! The very first time I saw him was on Semi-Tough as one of the football players...also remember him in Cocoon and First Blood...oh allll his movies have been terrific! xox

Mom2fur said...

He truly freaked me out as Gacy! Brilliant!

Pamela said...

The evil Sheriff Cobb from Silverado
yes. I loved him in that one, too.

I read another blog Arkansas Songsbirds Quarternotes and she is a Matthew McConahey (spelling?) fan and I love both of your obsessions.