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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Oogie Flu

Now, I was once known to rock. I frequented many rock concerts in my time, everyone from Elton John and Aerosmith to ZZ Top and Journey. The Eagles and The Beach Boys to Eddie Money and Bon Jovi. I still like to turn the radio up loud in the van..."Mommy? Why is that old lady in that very uncool mini van flopping her head and screeching? I am scared Mommy!" I also love to sit in one of my chairs with the curved bottoms and make it move back and essence, rockin'. I have been accused of having more than a few rocks in my in, "Her head is hard as a...". I have survived a few *rocky* patches in my life.... And, I have been known, recently in fact, to take pictures of rocks. Uh huh. Just rocks. A few tree stumps. but this is about rockin' not stumpin'. But, our Gretchen, one of the sweethearts of the blog community, thinks my blog rocks! Coming from her, someone special who has a wonderful sense of humor, a warm and blessed spirit, a deep and abiding faith in God and a witty and sensible outlook on life, humbles me tremendously! Please, if you have not yet done so, visit Gretchen at Quantum Leap. Now, it is my duty to pass this honor along to 3 other blog friends. I do find this challenging as I adore all of you! All of you have put such thought, humor and heart into your special spots in cyber space and I so enjoy visiting as often as I can during the week. To narrow this down to just 3 is nerve wracking! So, after much debate, discussions with Kipper and Lucy (Henry was much too busy chasing a milk jug ring) , picking names from a hat and throwing darts at a chart, I present my 3 choices for Rockin' Girl Blogger. Valerie....Random Thoughts Valerie is a hoot plain and simple. She has the same sarcastic and wicked sense of humor that I have been known to inflict on people from time to time. She has a great outlook on life, a sweet soul and is a gosh darned good writer. Andi....Andi's Everyday Adventures Andi was one of my very first blog friends and she has a warm soul, a giving and caring nature and she is witty, intelligent and thoughtful. She has a creative and fun blog and a gosh darned adorable dog! Corinne....Jafabrit's Art Corinne lives in one of my favorite places near here and has a delicious sense of style, humor and creation. Oh yeah, she just happens to be a bit of a cheeky, geordie lass as well. She is thought provoking and full of whimsy and a gosh darned fantastic artist. Actually, I think ALL of you rock...with style and grace and wit and heart. I learn so much from each of you. I am inspired by each of you and I have come to think of each of you as dear friends and an important part of my life. Thank you for that! Hugs, Susie Q


PEA said...

I knew from the first time I "met" you that you ROCK!! hehe Congrats on the award my friend, very well deserved:-) I love coming to visit you and I love your sense of gimme a gosh darned hug! lol xoxo

Andi said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy...your dart landed on me!!! Congratulations to you on your award and many many thanks to bestowing such an honor on me. Bully thinks Kipper may have had more than a little influence on your decision but he loves seeing his mommy do the happy "rockin" dance!!!

Jen said...

You go all you Rockin' Girls!

Gretchen said...

Sue, you humble me and make me blush with all your kind words. Thank you, my friend. You do rock! I can't wait to catch up on all your lovely tributes. Gotta run and make breakfast for a tribe of hungry children and 2 hungry dogs. :) xxxooogretchen

smilnsigh said...

Did you happen to catch "Little Richard" on the Capital 4th program on tv, last night? Wow!!! He's still got it! :-)

And yes Dear, I'm old enough to have been in college when Elvis was new. Eeeek. -giggles-


Sheila said...

Very cool! Congrats!

jafabrit said...

You are a sweetheart :) thanks. congrats on the award, you deserve it in my book :)

Have a GREAT weekend.

Valerie said...

tell Kipper there's some MilkBones heading his way! thank you so much, you sweet girl, you!

and i got my own label! sweet!!