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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cake For Cassandra

I know I am a 2 days late with this wish for you Cassandra but please know it comes with many warm wishes for you! You are a special have so many things to look forward to in this year of your life. Enjoy it all.


Andi said...

I wished you Happy Birthday on Missy's post Cassandra but many more happy wishes to you!

Cassandra said...

Thank you so much Sue! I am so lucky to know such wonderful ladies!

PAT said...

Happy Birthday Cassandra!


Valerie said...

happy birthday, Cassandra!!

Paula said...

Those are interesting candles! Happy birthday, Cassandra.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Happy Belated Birthday-hope you had a wondeful day!!

Rosemary said...


LivingTheLife said...

Is it me...or is anybody else out there hungry for "cake"??...mmmmm...that looks so good...and I LOVE those share. Happy B-Day...Cassandra!!