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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

History In The Making

Our blog friend, dear Gretchen, has a handsome son she calls "History Boy". Now this young man is a soul after my own heart...a lover of all things historical! And guess what else? He just turned 11!! Happy Birthday History Boy!


Andi said...

Happy Birthday to the "History Boy"! Wow...1 years old...pretty awesome!

Mom2fur said...

Happy Birthday, kid! May every day of your own 'history in the making' be full of laughter, adventure, learning, friends and the best of health!

Mom2fur said...

Susie Q, thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comments on my Thomas blocks!

Gretchen said...

This is perfect! I can't wait to show him when he wakes up! You are so sweet to do this. You make us all feel so special. ((((hugs)))gretchen

T*mmy said...

Happy Birthday to History Boy!

Gretchen said...

Dear Mrs. Susie Q,

"I got fans"!

Thank you for the writing about me in your blog. I really appreciate that. Thank you very much.

History Boy.

P.S. My favorite part of history is anything from 4.2 billion years ago to 1/2 a second ago. I especially enjoy the Renaissance, The Classical Age, Modern History, and WWII.

Southern Heart said...

Happy Birthday, History Boy! (that was one of my favorite subjects, too). Hope you had a wonderful day!

Mama P said...

Ah, I adore Gretchen also.