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Monday, July 23, 2007

When I Schmooze, Do You Snooze?

Our darlin' sweet Pea has passed this delightful award on to me! Now, I am tickled pink by this as I simply love awards! I will have to look at gowns to wear for the ceremony, get my hair done and oh my! A pedicure! Does anyone know who the master of ceremonies will be? Could it be Brian Dennehy? One can live and hope can't one? Will there be awardee gift baskets? You know, the ones filled with decedent material goods worth thousands of dollars. No? Sheesh. How about a 10 percent off coupon for Burger King? OOH! Whoppers for everyone! I am also a bit confused about something. I looked up the meaning of the word *Schmooze*. FORMS : schmoozed or schmoosed also shmoozed, schmooz-ing or schmoos-ing, shmooz-ing, schmooz-es or schmoos-es shmooz-es. SLANG: to converse casually, especially in order to make a social connection. In other words, to schmooze is to talk. Now, you all know me by now. I am rather quiet and reserved. I am so very shy and delicate. I seldom speak above a hushed whisper. I never speak to strangers or talk in public. I am also a liar. A very bad liar. A huge fibber really. I DO talk, A LOT. I talk so much that poor Kipper has been known to hide under the bed, surrounding himself with Rubbermaid boxes full of wrapping paper and ribbons, just to avoid being *talked at* any longer. The cats hide in the bathtubs, praying that no one will feel unclean and discover them. In the event that someone feels the need to bathe and they are discovered, Lucy immediately drops into a cat nap like trance for hours hoping I will go away. Dan stays at work until the wee hours in hopes that Mom will be *talked out* by the time he arrives home. Then he actually pretends to be tired from working all day! Can you believe that?
Bill purposely chose flying as a career so he would develop hearing loss due to aircraft engines and therefore, not hear 92 % of what I talk about. Hmpf.Grace...schmoozing
Grace on the other hand has decided that she will fight fire with fire.She has been known to talk so much that I have not been able to get a word in edge wise. Thus, I have been rendered, yes, speechless. So, in an effort to express myself, I began a blog. And on this blog I talk. I speak, I bemoan, I belabor, I shout, I chat, I opine, I blabber, I yak, I flap my gums, I lecture, I jabber, I schmooze. Yes. I schmooze. S.C.H.M.O.O.Z.E. And I love every minute of it. I have a big mouth. I need a support group. "Hello, my name is Susie Q and I schmooze." Thank you dear Pea. You are a true delight! Now I am to choose 5 more bloggers who have been known to schmooze. I think of this as a good trait! These are 5 ladies who can spin a yarn and leave you smiling from ear to ear. They offer all sorts of interesting bits and bobs on their blogs, treats to amuse us, make us think, inspire. Here are 5 ladies who will delight you! Cheryl an amazing writer and tells wonderful stories about her family and, well, her life! She has a handsome husband and 3 adorable daughters who are pretty spiffy, just like their Mom. In fact, it was Cheryl who has given us a new family tradition. We bounce on hotel beds. Yup. We jump, bounce and hop. Ask Grace. Melissa ....also writes extremely well and spins a good yarn or two. She an endearing style and never fails to leave me grinning. A fun lady who just happens to have loads of talent, a great looking husband and of the cutest daughters on Earth. I am one of her little girl's biggest fans! Really. I am thinking of starting a fan club. Rhoda of the most creative and talented decorators I have ever seen. She has tons of delightful ideas and is always willing to share them with all of us. She is always ready to share a memorable trip or two, delicious recipes and sweet photos that tell great stories in themselves. Andrea ....has such an easy and warm manner and readily shares her area's landmarks and travel tips, recipes, historical houses and her own decorating style. I am always inspired and intrugued by her ideas and hints and stories. Pat a delight! She takes the most glorious trips and shares all the fun with us. Her photos are a treat in of themselves. She has such a pleasant manner and relates her stories with grace and warmth.


Melissa said...

Oh, you are too kind - and I'm sure people around me are glad I've turned some of my verbal conversation into the written word, so their poor ears can take a break!

And Anna Marie is her mother's daughter, in that way at least. I should've named her Chatty Cathy!

robin c. said...

Nice to know that I am not husband thinks I talk from the time I wake up until I fall asleep each night...such a pity that he doesn't always have the "hearing aid" turned up!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!


Dawn Bibbs said...

Susie...say it ain't so...YOU a schmoozer??? GET OUT!!! :-)

Why do you think I read your blog EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY DAY??? Because you ALWAYS have SOMETHING to talk about, and I LOVE that!!!

I can't tell you how many times I've been told that I "talk too much" on my blog! Well DUH!!! ;)

Congrats to all the Schmoozers...I'm SURE you deserve it :-).

The Decorated House said...

Heee, you little shoomzer you!
That picture of Grace is too cute. She is trying to make herself bigger with hands on hips so that when she is schmoozing someone will listen! LOL

Schmooze on Schmoozie Q!

Betty Jo said...

Congrats on your award! Susie Q your blog is so much fun to read. Now for my first cup of coffee and to read more! Super blogs you've chosen. xoxo

PAT said...

Good morning Sue...

Thank you for this honor!

Someday, we hope to meet you in St Louis! I know you will be delighted to schmooze with J, a schmoozing champion, if there ever was one! In fact he is so good, his schmoozing has been dubbed Moose-isms. His work "name" is Moose!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thanks for telling me about this, Susie! I was just here & missed this post. I appreciate you thinking of me so much. I will post this icon on my blog. I have gotten several awards, but don't really feel like I deserve them all...but, THANK YOU!! I'll shmooze with you anytime!


Valerie said...

congrats to you! and way to pick our Mellie!

PEA said...

Susie??? All you had to say is "thank you"!!! LOL Seeee, you are a schmoozer for sure! hehe You are very welcome for the award my friend:-) I tried to get Brian Dennehy to host the ceremonies for us but seems like he turned white as a sheet and sprinted off when he heard who the award was for....hmmmm...know anything about this??? hehe xoxo

Susie said...

I think of all the bloggers I read, you certainly are one of the top contenders for schmoozing! Congrats!!