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Friday, July 06, 2007

Independence Day Without The Aliens

It drizzled and stormed off and on all day. No complaints as we do so need the rain. We all headed over to my brother and sis in law's home and enjoyed a cookout...well, the guys did the cooking OUT part while dodging the rain drops! The ladies put together a feast INside! Hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, watermelon, chips, veggies and dip, strawberry and blueberry parfaits, strawberry shortcake.... We watched old movies and then watched the festivities in NYC and Washington DC on television. It was still raining off and on and we were not sure whether the fireworks would go off as planned. 15 minutes early, at 9:30, we heard the first *BOOM*. We all hurried out to the front porch to watch. The huge Delco Park fireworks are easily viewed from the comfort of my brother's front porch...perfectly framed by the trees! Nothing magnificent picture wise I am afraid. Between the rain and my frightened nephew (and doggie niece), I spent more time INside than OUT. He wanted Auntie Sue to come inside with him and the dog, Haley, and I am a limp noodle when it comes to them. We did watch from the window though! Just an update on Haley...I posted back in the Winter about her cancer. She is still pain free and doing fine. As long as this remains the status quo, she can enjoy her life! She can still run after the squirrels, lie in the sunshine and eat all the hot dogs Auntie Sue can dish out! Yesterday Grace and I enjoyed a wonderful GIRL'S day out. Just the two of us. So sweet...we had lunch and talked, shopped and talked, talked and talked. And then we talked some more. It has been a bask in the sun and swim in the pool week as well. We have really been having fun in the pool at Mom's condo. My buddy T lives there as well so she, and her twin sis C, have joined us several days this week. It was just perfect weather earlier in the week. The sort of days that you think about the whole year long! On Tuesday Grace met a fashion designer! She was in 7th Heaven. Most of you know that Grace loves clothes and sewing. She sketches clothes all the time and wants to work in the fashion industry someday. The lovely young woman and her husband were visiting one of my Mom's neighbors. She graduated from the Fashion Institute in NYC and works in the city. Grace had a blast chatting and asking questions. Bill has been at his new job for one week today. He was hired by a new company and it is exactly what he has wanted since he retired from the military. They are a super company and a place he will be happy for years. He has had a contented smile on his face all week! He is back on the base here and sees lots of old buddies every day. It is a job he knows well and enjoys. I am so happy for him! I hope your week has been a sweet one. I am having a grand time visiting all of you via your blogs! Enjoy your weekend...may it be one that finds you smiling and surrounded by loved ones.


Rosemary said...

I loved your blog today. Glad to see that so many people had a great 4th of July!!
I did too!
Have a great weekend!
Visit me,

PAT said...

I enjoyed your blog, as always. Sounds like you had a wonderful July 4th!!

Back Porch Musings

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

I love to have a girls' day out with my daughter too. We are so very blessed!

Happy belated 4th of July! :-)

Andi said...

Your 4th of July celebration sounds wonderful. My liitle Bully would be happy to keep your nephew company. He sat as close to me as he could get when the fireworks started. He's not a happy camper with the noise fireworks produce.

Sounds like you and Grace had a perfect day together too!

smilnsigh said...

Even with the rain, it sounds like you had a lovely 4th of July, and a lovely visit. I'm so happy for all the good news, your entry contained!!!!

Thank you for commenting on my latest *installment* in the {now becoming very ollllllllld} *Saga* of some people being unable to comment on my main blog. You agree that they are probably techy problems and that I should just kind of relax. Yes, I have to. :-)

And thank you for appreciating the old movie theme I used, in that entry. I wanted to do something funnnnn, 'cause so many readers must be getting very weary of my *Saga*. -grin-


Sheila said...

Sounds like a great day, raindrops and all!