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Friday, May 25, 2007

A World A'Fair

Warning! Grace loves Korean kimchi! A few of our Roman friends! Grace's best friend, Miss M, and a new friend from China Netherlands Diorama Lots of Chinese Beer .... But the girls opted for a frozen lemonade! Artists from China Slavic musicians Scottish musicians
Gosh I am glad to be back among the blogging community! I have missed you all! Hey dear Pamela! I *knew* you were just kidding about that list! *smile* I had just been thinking that, perhaps, I post a list a little too often but what was done is done! I was just in one of those goofy moods and felt I needed to apologize! Oh, by the way, I am blogging with some spaghetti sauce on my white shirt...a remnant of our family dinner tonight! Just so you know I have not gone *all elegant on you* in my absence! I posted the home tour photos earlier and, in my zeal to play *catch up* will no post a few photos from Dayton's "World A'Fair" that my family attended last Saturday evening! A yearly event, we all greatly enjoyed ourselves! We met up with our friends and neighbors and had a wonderful evening! I hope you will enjoy the photos!


Teresa said...

Oh Sue, I'm glad to see that your are back in the blogging world.... Blogging life is a little boring without you in it.... Doesn't it just stink with our computers have to be "Butts" ????...

You sure have some great pictures.... Looks like everyone had a great time at the "World A'Fair" last weekend.... Till Next Time.... T

PEA said...

How I would love to be able to go to that World A'Fair!! Imagine being able to visit so many countries..all in one place! hehe Loved all the pictures:-) And, glad to see you back up and running...hey, did you know you have spaghetti sauce on your shirt? hehe xoxo

TK Angels said...

Glad you guys made this one. :( I could not find the time to attend. I also enjoyed attending-especially the Irish and Italian booths.

Love the pics
Take care,

Dawn Bibbs said...

Wow, that looked like fun. I love going to stuff like that. Thanks for sharing the pix and welcome back to blogland! I missed you!!!

smilnsigh said...

Oh oh! I got confused and {at first} thought 'Netherlands Diorama,' was the name of the Chinese Beer! OK, OK. I'm dense. I'm dense. ,-)


Beckyb said...

Looks like SO much fun - wish that was nearer to us!!