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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just This...

Hello everyone! The computer problems persist. It seems
I have picked up a nasty spyware virus and am having a terrible time.
Or should I say that *my computer* did and is!
Dan hopes to have me back up and running soon.
Okay, not me, the computer...imagine me doing too much
running? Now stop laughing!
Until then, no personal photos and little to no
visiting. I can not even get into many of your blogs!
Jen? I can not visit you at all so just know I will have
lots of catching up to do soon! Grace will be writing
Emily when this all is cured!
I am having such withdrawal pangs!
Please know I send my love and many hugs to each of you.
Happy Belated Victoria Day to all my dear friends in Canada!
AND, the photo above is from Victoria Magazine's new web space. They are back!
You can check it out and even send in a subscription request. The new issues will be published in October! This is exciting news for me and for so many of you I know!
Please take care of yourselves and enjoy your Thursday. Do something good for someone else and for yourself as well! Smile often!
Susie Q


Jen said...

I'm here when your germ free :)
Emily will like that :)
Take care Sue!

Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

It's funny you mention virus..I logged on this morning to check my e-mail and it was in German! I freaked..logged out then back switched back to English by itself..but that was that first thing that came to my mind..virus.
I hope you are up & running (ha!) soon!

smilnsigh said...

Ohhh dear Suzie Q. I'm so sad that your Pc has picked-up spyware!!! Horrrrrrrrible!

And honest, this is the last time I'll get in a plug for looking into a Mac, when it's time for a new 'puter.


Last time!




SiouxSue said...

Hippity, Hop...I'm comin' your way. Sorry your computer is having such problems...I just hate that. I used to always say you should have a MAC but I hear viruses are coming the MAC way, too.

Take care!!

Susie said...

So sorry your computer is still ailing! I know you miss it!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Miss you...come back soon! Love that picture by the way.

Sugar Bear said...

Oh dear! I hope it all gets cleared up soon.

Sheila said...

Hope you soon get things sorted out..

PEA said...

Here's hoping your computer is virus free reallll soon! Missing you, ya know!! hehe xox

"Early Bird" said...

sending a sunny smile your way...I hope your PC recovers quickly!

Andi said...

Hope your PC gets over the "bug" very soon.

Daisy Cottage said...

Poor Sue!!! I hope your 'puter starts behaving itself SOON! We'll be here for you when you are all up and "running" again! ;-) Hang in there!

Valerie said...

missing you, too!

gold said...

Hope you can get your pc up and running.

Have a great weekend.

Southern Heart said...

Sue, you always make me giggle with your posts. :) I'm sorry about your computer---I hope that you're back to "go" soon. I love the photo, and can't wait to see Victoria on the 'stands again!

Hope that you have a good weekend,


Cheryl Wray said...

Hate it when the computer is acting up! Hope it's better soon!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!