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Saturday, May 26, 2007

2nd Street Public Market

The family and I went downtown late this morning to spend a little time at 2nd Street Public Market. Run by the MetroPark's of Dayton, it is located downtown. There is a lot of old fashioned charm to be found here as well as fresh fruit, vegetables, artisan breads straight out of the oven, cheese, tea, coffee, honey, wine, fresh flowers, maple syrup and beautifully scented soaps, lotions, herbs and spices. There are booths which house jewelry, garden decor, toys, unique paintings and pottery & plants. We picked up some amazing smelling soaps and lotions all made by the sweet lady proprietor. Greek pastries were purchased for later and it was then we realized how hungry we were! Food choices abound! We found a little table and chairs just next to an open bay window. It had started to rain and it felt so cozy inside watching it gently fall. Mom and I chose egg salad croissants, Grace had home made egg noodles and Bill picked a lunch of delicious cabbage rolls and mashed potatoes. There was a wonderful folk guitarist/singer entertaining while we ate. A sweet, simple afternoon!
We went to our favorite bookstore, Books and Company, to look for a few little things and next door to Cheryl and Company Cookies to pick up a little birthday gift. We are meeting some friends tonight to help celebrate our dear friend John's 50th! He and Barb live in Tennessee now but made the trip up to be with all of us tonight. You may remember the pictures from the party we threw for Barb last March in honor of HER 50th. Now, how is it that all my buddies are 50?? How can that be! Why, *I* am only, So *I* am 50. Wanna make something out of that huh? HUH? No? *Whew* That's a relief because at my advanced age I might break a hip or something. Stop snickering now you young whippersnappers.... I must run now and get cleaned up for tonight! I think I got some egg salad on my new sweater...elegance IS my middle name. Okay, not really but that just sounded good huh? Maybe this is why I was never invited to a State dinner at the White House. So, it is just *ONE* of the many reasons but hey.... I hope your Saturday has been a sweet one as well. I am still playing my patented game of "Blog Catch Up" so will be by to visit soon! Hugs, Susie Q


Cassandra said...

Great pictures! I think I need to take a photography class - I am so jealous of all your great shots!

Andi said...

Oh your day sounds just delightful! And to only be 50 again!!! I'm so glad you youngsters are having fun. I'd like some of those sesame sticks please...those are my favorites!!!

Great pictures!

"Early Bird" said...

I'm on the hunt for some local honey to help my alergies...I hope I find some soon...
Looks like a nice place to be!

Jen said...

Nice tators!

The French Nest said...

Love your photos, Susie! Your day sounds (and looks!) wonderful!

Pamela said...

I'm feeling guilty because I meant to go to Saturday market this morning and buy fresh local stuff.

I totally forgot.

Yours sounds a little more unforgettable.!

PEA said...

I want to go there!!! Gosh, you've sure been going to some neat places:-) I love markets like this one and can spend a whole day looking at everything!! xox

Sheila said...

This is amazing, I love these places. What fun..the food looks and sounds great.
Food being high on my list as you can tell..!
Greek pastries...yummo!
We love the ones we used to buy in Tarpon Springs, Fla. As big as your head and covered with powdered sugar...LOL
Hope you had a great time at the birthday party..

jafabrit said...

Ah, sounds lovely, haven't been down there for ages. I am also playing catch up after being in the Smokies for a few days. Hope you have a lovely time with friends :)

Rhoda said...

Hi, Susie Q, that place looks & sounds great. Wonderful Sat. fun. I too am playing catchup from my week away at the beach. Just wanted to stop by and say HI to my pal.


Susie said...

The market sure seems to have a lot to offer. Fun way to spend a morning!