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Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Mantle Re-Do...For Now

A bit of a re-arrange....I puttered around today and decided to move the Staffordshire dogs and Toby mugs to the living room. I like looking at them and this is where I spend more of my day.
I can see this arrangement from the living room or kitchen so it is there when I need a smile.
Such treasures always elicit a smile...the biggest smile, of course, is reserved for that portrait of my children. My greatest treasures!


carolyn said...

What an amazing collection of Toby jugs you have.

Sheila said...

These are lovely Sue. I bought my Mum the same one of Winston Churchill a few years ago.I have trouble with the text loading on this post. I managed to read some of it by 'highlighting', and then it shows...all except the last sentence, all I can see is 'My'..
I have a feeling it says something like 'my children are my greatest treasures'..but that's just a guess...

Pamela said...

oh gosh... who dusts those collectors????

Suzanne said...

Hi Sue,

What a fun collection and the portrait of your children is beautiful.