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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I *Heart* New York

Grace had to do a paper about her trip for the class. She had to read it to the class and answer questions...oh my. But her teacher said she did quite well and that it was obvious she had a splendid time! I thought I would transcribe it here for you to read...just for fun. I am including the mispellings as well...part of the charm I think! She had asked me to write down the names of some things...did not do too badly! Oh, when we were changing airplanes in Detroit, she threw several coins into a pretty fountain...made several wishes that we all go back to New York City very soon!
My Trip To N.Y.C.
By Grace
On my trip to New York City I took 2 planes. One was late and we had to run a long way. But we got there. I rode in many taxi cabs. When we got there we went to our hotel and it was nice. Then we went to a bakery and got fancy cupcakes. It was in Grinwich Village. We ate in the park with our friends who live in Sand Frinsiso. WE went to Times Square and it was very brite. We ate at Bubba Gumps. I had fish and some shrimp and it was good. We ate by a windo that was in front of the ABS tv studios and the world's biggest Toys R Us!
The next day we got up early and met our friends Emily and her mom Jen. We all walked alot. We went to American Girl Place. I took my dolls with me. My friend Emily bought a doll and she was so happy. Her doll was so pretty. I got some cool things for my dolls. We ate a spicil lunch in the cafa. It was good.
We saw alot of tall buildings and an old church and FAO Swartz. That is a big toy store. We drank drinks and ate ice cream there to. We went to Tiffanys jewlery store but it cost alot to buy things. So I did not. We went to Central Park and saw horses.
That night we ate dinner at Tavern on the Green. It is in Central Park. It is a fanous place. The food was good and it is pretty there.
The next day we met our friend from Florida. We ate at a Irish pub and the food was so good. Then we went to see a play. It was called Inharit the wind. My mom was so happy becaise Briian Dinahe was in it. She was excited. It was a good play I think. My mom thinks he is cute. I think he is to old! But he is good.
That night we went to Serendipity for dinner. It was good and fun. We had frozin hot chocolate for our desert.
On our last day we walked a lot and went into tall buildings and looked around at things. We went into the Toys R Us and saw a really big Barbie house!
I also saw Analise Van der Pol!!!!! She is Chelsey on my favorite show. She is Belle in Beuty and the Beast in a play in NYC. She is so pretty.
We also saw them filming a TV show my mom watches. It is called law and order. My mom saw 2 people from the show but did not have her camera!
Then a van came to our hotel and took us to the airport. We flew in 2 planes and came home. We got home very late. I was so tired but I was happy. I had fun. I want to go back really soon.


Jen said...

Oh that is too sweet. You must include with your NYC photos for your scrapbook, you are going to scrap this trip, right? ;)

I LOL'ed seriously on the part where she wrote that you think Brian is cute but she thinks he's too old....

BTW, Bill is cuter than Brian :)

Sugar Bear said...

Grace should start her own blog :)

homedaisy said...

thank you for the gift of your comment today on my blog. you have been on my mind, so i was especially happy to hear from you. i have wanted to add you to my links and hadn't gotten to it. i am not the most computer savvy, these things take me awhile :) anyway, wanted you to know i think you are a dear and your words are treasured.

Beckyb said...

She did an awesome job on that paper - what a writer!! Shows how much fun you really had!!

TK Angels said...

I had Gracie's voice in my head as I was reading this.We went to Tiffanys jewlery store but it cost alot to buy things. So I did not. It was good, etc. I smiled 'cause that is how she will say things. Written as she would explain.

Love it Gracie. Take me-take me next time *smile*

Love to all
Take care,

"Early Bird" said...

She summed it up nicely!!

PEA said...

You tell Grace for me that I think she did extremely good on her essay!! You can tell by what she wrote how much she enjoyed everything and really remembers every detail...I've still got my mind on that frozen hot chocolate! lol xox

Sheila said...

What a wonderful essay! She did a fantastic job on it! She is certainly quite the writer. Such great details she put in it. I'll bet she got an "A" on it??!! :)

Sheila said...

Grace should have her own kid's travel blog..!
She didn't miss a detail.
She's going to major in shopping I think..LOL