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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Be It Ever So Humble....

All day today I bemoaned the fact that I still have so much laundry to do and the house needs a good scrub and our garage needs a good straighten. I fret because we have barely begun our Spring yard clean up and worry that we will fall behind. I fuss that people will think we are terribly unkempt or uncaring about it all to be so slow to get 'er done! But you know...we will. And it is probably only me, myself and I who even notice all the things that are wrong with my home and yard. I ran an errand this evening and upon my return, driving into the garage, I was taken by this thought. For all it's imperfections and dust bunnies, I love my home. I really do. It is not grand and will never be on the cover of Architectural Digest. It is small and cute. I like cute. I like small. Really I do! It is newer (5 years old) but built to look like the old row houses of Georgetown, MD. Longer than they are wide, attached garage in back. The homes are not connected but have small grassy areas between each one. White picket fences link each house. The yards behind are small and every home's is done differently. We have a deck, a brick walk way and a small flower garden. I call it my *secret garden* but doubt that it is too much of a mystery to anyone! Our home backs up to a nice city park. There are treed areas all around us. Each home is also connected by a small "alley way" that runs behind each of us. We have the smallest model, with the smallest living room. It *is* small, at least by American standards. So cozy. The ceilings are 9 ft. on the ground floor so it feels airier than you would expect. We do have a gas fireplace that is so nice during the chilly time of year. There is a small, wood floored entry and hallway, a tiny study with a multi paned glass front door, a dining room that is *just* large enough and an eat in kitchen. A laundry room and powder room make up the rest of the 1st floor. We have a basement family room. It is a nice sized area and we use it all the time of late. A nice sized storage room is down there as well. The 2nd floor has a decent sized Master, 2 other bedrooms and 2 baths. No cathedral ceilings, no Jacuzzis, no sweeping staircases, nothing at all glorious or grand. Except to me. No one will ever be *bowled* over by my house. No one will ever leave my home drooling over it's size, decor and elegance. Shoot, what do I know about elegance? But I think that everyone leaves feeling that our home is comfortable and warm. Isn't that the best compliment? We moved so much over the course of Bill's Naval career. I had 17 addresses in 27 years and some of those were not my cup of tea believe me! But you adapt I guess. I tried to make each home (house, apartment, condo) OURS. I always shed a few tears (Okay, buckets of 'em) upon leaving each home. Yes, even the ones that were not *me* when we moved in. I left a tiny piece of my heart in each house. Just ask my cardiologist! But this home *is* me. I never wished for a large home and yard. Okay, maybe a bigger living room would be nice at times but I always liked small. I have no idea why, just did. Bill always did. I guess it is just the old hippie in him. He could live in a tent and be comfortable. He is not materialistic at all. I am...about my home that is. I like *stuff* for my home. No, not expensive really, just unique and pretty. I like things that make me smile. I am always tweaking this or that. Some would think my home is way too crowded with *things*. Not me. I call it "artfully arranged and well kept clutter". My style was pure American country for years. I even worked in a wonderful country/antique shop while living in VA. You will never convince me to part with my gorgeous Hoosier cabinet! Never! Go ahead. Torture me! I won't bend. Our shop participated in a "to die for" Country Show every year that featured the best craftspeople in the US. I met Mary Emmerling and so many others that were then (and still are) written up in Country Living and Country Home magazines. People who were instrumental in bringing country style to the forefront. I was like a crazed rock star groupie. Tickled my poor husband to tears. Forget some long haired singer! I was after potters and weavers! I have moved more into English/French country now but bits and bobs of the other will always remain. Perhaps an elegant decorator would be appalled at my style and see it as too muddled and mixed. Phooey. It is me. Muddled and mixed up and cluttered. I have tons of decorating books and read each one. I have taken classes on design and know what *THEY* say is right or wrong. Aw gee, even *THEY* can't agree on one particular thing. I say just go for what makes you happy. What produces a smile. What warms your heart. Use the colors you love. Use the furniture that fits your life. It is YOUR home and needs to reflect YOU. Oh, did I mention that I LOVE my home?


TK Angels said...

Ok- OK- let me say that you know that everyone loves your home when they see it. It is decorated tastefully---ah nicely--uhh beautifuly , etc and everyone feels at home when they are there-or is it just the company we keep. Must be the two combined.

Small-small-Sue- my house is a tiny matchbox compared to yours :)
But you have always told me that--It is YOUR home and needs to reflect YOU.

Still-down the line --HELP ME PICK SOME COLORS FOR THE HOUSE *smile*

Love you all.

Jen said...

Home is where your heart is :)
And yes, it's a compliment when someone says your house is warm.

I get this all the time...your home is "lived in" aka it's a mess!!

Jolene George said...

Your home does reflect who you are so beautifully Sue. I think my home reflects me too.
I have taken the time to catch up on your blog and I LOVE all of your pictures from New York with Bill, Jen and the girls. Oh how I want to go to New York. The pictures of Central Park are amazingly beautiful. I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time together. One day I hope to meet you!
Thanks so much for the link to help Cole with his report. :o) Love ya!

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

Very well said! I like small homes too.

Rhoda said...

Susie Q, I really like you! that is a great post & really showed a lot about who you are. I love that pic of your cozy little cottage & would love to see more of the inside. I've lived in mostly smaller homes too & this one is the biggest I've ever lived in, but it's not too grand, but fits us just right.

I totally agree with you about liking your stuff. It just feels so homey to have things surrounding you that are pretty & that you enjoy looking at. I ten to be a clutter-bug too when it comes to my things, but I'm trying to do better in that area.

Southern hospitality

Chris said...

You know why we all just show one picture at a time of our homes? It's because the dust bunnies are too numerous in the other corners that we are not showing! We are all the same. I love your home-I have a pet peeve about McMansions. Thankyou for living in a perfect size home.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your design theory 100%. its your hone t=your life so express yourself. decorate they way you want to.
Thank-you for your sweet comments on my on-line journal.
Your house is charming.


LisaOceandreamer said...

May I just say that the photos you have shown of your home always look like something out of a magazine. I have TONS of decorating magazines and LOADS of decorating books too. I have always maintained your home should reflect who you are authentically. Yours does! Years ago I was heavy in to the whole country old suitcase with the folkart dolls...the whole bit. Then I switched to hmm, not sure what you'd call it really. Finally in recent years it's rather eclectic and undefined but made up of things we both like around us. Our house is SMALL, truly TOO basements here, no dining room, only one bathroom. It limits what I can have...BUT it's our home and for that I am grateful.

Missy's Blog said...

Your post was amazing ... and so moving. You love your home and shows through your words. I too like "small". When Mike and I were looking to buy our first house (the one we live in now) ... we looked at these very grand, beautiful homes. They were just NOT me. We live in a smaller two story house that is perfect for us. Although my husband is adding a two-car garage and master suite above that. I agree with Jen ... home is where your heart is.

RoseMary said...

Your post makes perfect decorating sense, Susie Q! I too, have lots of muddled, cluttered rooms, but I love the way all of it comes together in our small home. It is not a showplace nor a department store with all of their perfectly placed, sparse objects. It is our home, and like yours is to you, it is what makes us comfortable and happy.

Sheila said...

Your home is beautiful, and your design sense is wonderful. I love your colours, as I have said before.
I like a smaller home too, bigger is not always best.

Marilyn said...

Your home is beautiful, warm and very cozy! All the things a "home" should be. I have a 70 year old cottage that constantly needs some sort of repair or redo but it's mine and I love it! Just feel blessed that you have such a great place to live and raise your children, I know that's how I feel about my home!
Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures on flicker! I love your home!!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Well, now I feel like I've been over to visit and had a nice glass of Iced tea! You're home sounds so warm and inviting. Which is, I guess what you were after, huh?

The picture of the house on your blog, is that your house?

I too, love my house. I did a scrapbook LO about my house once...that's how much I love it. Literally, EVERY time I pull out of the driveway, I look at the house and say to myself, "I love this house!" And I do!!!

Thanks for opening your home to us. Hey, that can be a quiz kinda thing, huh? It can have questions about our homes and of course pictures....just a thought.

Andi said...

From all the lovely pictures you've shared of your home and your beautifully little decorated corners, I would have to say your home is just perfect! I admire your decorating ability so much. I look at your pictures and try to copy your ideas. So if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...I hope you feel flattered!

Daisy Cottage said...

Sue, ANY home of yours would be a dream home - you've got the touch and the gift and your warm, loving personality spills out onto every square inch of your home. I love your home - your style - your passion for all things good.

Valerie said...

it doesn't matter where i am, i AM home. as long as my two boys are near, all is well.

"Early Bird" said...

I'm a "home-body" too!

smilnsigh said...

Your home sound perfect!!! I know I'd love to visit in it. And then, you'd have to have me evicted, by *force.* I love smallllller. Oh sigh. Don't get me going. -grin-

Ours is just too big now, but since we live in a family 'compound' now... I mean, we've lived here for40 years and now, 2 of our children and their families, have moved next to us. So, naturally, we'll never move.

So I make believe that the rooms we now use/live in, are all in a cottage. Yes I do. Silly I know. But like you say, it's what warms our heart. And to dream that we are in a cottage, is my dream. :-)