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Friday, May 04, 2007

Taking A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

Hello all! We are back, tired, with aching feet, but happy, our heads filled with great memories. I still have to retrieve most of our pictures from Bill's laptop (He downloaded from the camera).
OH! *waving at Jen and Emily* We met Jen and Emily! How cool was that? We had a wonderful day with them. We loved them both...and Jen, Bill did too! He really is just quiet and seems to enjoy watching his *girls* do their own thing. That's just him...he loved meeting you two and we were so thrilled to see Emily and Grace have so much fun together! Grace keeps talking about Emily and asking when she can see her again! Gosh we walked a lot didn't we? And then we did it again the next two days too. I KNOW I am too, ahem, ample, and yes, I blew out my knee a few years ago....BUT! When your 9 year old tells you that HER legs are tired and SHE needs to rest, you know you t'ain't doin' as bad as you thought!
I love New York, the rhythm of the city, the people, the noise. I adore the theaters, the little restaurants, the shops, the taxis.
I will write a bigger report with lots of photos soon. Till then, know we had a great time, that I missed you all and will check in with your blogs this weekend!
Until I can post more are a few things I was tickled with....
Our Hotel....The Belvedere The Empire State Building
Some guy named Brian Dennehy
The Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village.
Central Park
That guy named Brian Dennehy
Rockefeller Plaza
That guy named Brian and his buddy, Chris, in a little play....
St. Patrick's Cathedral


Beckyb said...

What a trip - looks wonderful!!! Can't wait to see more!!

TK Angels said...

Welcome back!! Can't wait to see the pics. See you tomorrow? Call me.

Did you get to meet Brian? Can't wait to hear more about the trip.

Take care and love to all.

RoseMary said...

what great pics. I'm so glad you had a good time! And, I'm glad you're back and going to share your 'adventures' with us!

Jen said...

How on earth did your pictures of the cathedral turn out so good?

Oh, we had a lot of fun with you guys on Tuesday! We really did. And yes, my gosh did we do some walking. I swear it must've been 2 miles, at least!

smilnsigh said...

Lovely photos! And awaiting more.

But get some rest! :-)


Cassandra said...

Great pictures! I would love to visit NY someday!

Gretchen said...

Hey...did you see Brian Dennehey? Hee hee. Gorgeous pictures. Glad youd had fun.

Valerie said...

so glad everyone is home safe & sound! we missed you!

and did you meet Brian? or did you dig those photos from the 'net?

Sharon Kay said...

Wow..........what a many pictures and Brian to. Looks like you had a wonderful time and saw many things including Brien.

Sheila said...

Sue! Welcome Back!
So far, the pictures are wonderful -- can't wait to see more, and hear more details of your trip.

Jolene George said...

So glad you and Jen had fun...and the girls and Bill too. Love the pictures. Boy would I love to go there some day.

Betty Jo said...

Welcome back! It looks, and sounds, like you had a most wonderful trip. The photos are awesome and I'm enjoying them so much. I've only been to NYC in order to catch a flight to England with friends from NJ. Didn't have time to spend in the city. Would love to return someday. For now though, I can go through you. xoxo

Andi said...

Welcome home! We've all missed you! Love your pictures and think it's so cool that you and Jen got to meet and spend a day together in NYC.

So Grace's legs got tired of walking too!!! I remember years ago when my niece Janna (who blogs) was with us on a trip to Gatlinburg. We decided to hike up to Klingman's Dome (at least I think that was the name of it). I was "huffing and puffing" about half way up the mountain and said I needed to stop a minute. This sweet little 5 year old Janna says "Aunt Andi, I'll stop and wait with you." I'm sure her little legs were about to give out too!

Great pictures of Brian by the way!

jafabrit said...

Man, that guy brian just loves to be on your blog ;)

the cathedral is beautiful and your hotel looks really nice. Was it as nice on the inside?

PEA said...

Welcome home Sue:-) Oh wow, just from looking at these pictures I can see you all had a GREAT time in the big apple!!! WOW! I'm still jealous over the fact that you got to see Brian Dennehy! hehe You're making me want to go over there now!!! How wonderful that you also got to meet Jen:-) xox

The French Nest said...

Beautiful pics! I especially love the ones of Brian and Christopher Plummer (two of my fave actors!)

Dawn Bibbs said...

What awesome pictures. This is enough to make me go back for a visit. But I just HATE that state!!! lol As beautiful as it is, there's just as much that's not. But I guess that's everywhere, huh?

But I am so very glad that you guys had a fun visit. It looks like ya'll had a ball!!! Glad you got there and back home safely.

By the way, I guess you didn't see my dad while you were there, huh? :-)