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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Apologies, Thank Yous And Salutations!

Okay, I DO apologize for posting such a lengthy list. I got carried away... I just am having serious computer withdrawal pains. I was using another computer and threw this list on just for fun. Seriously, it IS too long! Just ignore this little bit of self indulgence! But hey, the part about me NOT being elegant is so true. SO, SO true. If there are 10 women in a room, I will be the one that spills her drink, trips on the wrinkle in the carpet, laughs too loud, breaks the heel off her shoe and drops her hot appetizer down her blouse. I will be easy to spot! Gosh, I can not visit most of you and can not post photos. I had such a lovely weekend attending a house tour and our city's "World A'Fair" and so want to share those photos with you all. Hopefully this problem will be rectified soon. I am in dire straights. *gulp* Dire...and I do not mean the band. Nope. I also have a photo of the ever so special art piece that Lisa (Oceandreamer) sent to my Grace. I want to share that wth you. I saved it for a very special day. Lisa? You can not imagine how thrilled Grace was to find her "Fairy" card! She had 5 primary teeth extracted by a pediatric oral surgeon last Friday. It was difficult as they just did not wish to leave her mouth! She had a hard time throwing off the meds too. But all is well now and gosh. When she found that card and the gold dollars, well, she actually said it was "all worth it!" Thank you dear Lisa....thank you with all my heart. I do miss you all and hope to be back visiting all of your sweet blog homes soon. Take care of yourselves! Be good...stay well. Sending hugs to you all...
Susie Q


Tammy518 said...

Thanks for checking in with us, Sue. I've been having withdrawals with no new posts from you in a few days! Hope you get your computer troubles worked out.

Betty Jo said...

Your list isn't too long at all and I enjoyed every bit of it. Gosh I hope your computer problems are worked out soon, I miss your visits too. xoxo

PAT said...

The list is not too long!

Hope Gracie feels better...kudos for being a brave girl. WOW, what a great fairy card!

Back Porch Musings

LisaOceandreamer said...

I sure hope your computer issues are soon fixed!!!We want photos and YOU back!
I am so happy, I mean REALLY happy that Grace liked her card. Poor thing to go through all that!! Did you end up giving her the bowl too? hahaha

I miss seeing you come by now and then sweet friend. I've sent at least 4 emails to you, this could explain whether you got them or not.

I'll go read your list now, they are always fun! and by the way - we'd have to sit together at a party because we could laugh at one another - I'm that gal too!! :)

Chris said...

My camera is being held hostage in my daughter's car so I haven't been able to post pictures either!

"Early Bird" said...

I'd be standing there beside you with a big glop of food on my chest...teehee!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

For the record, I loved your list. I decided not to do it myself this time, as I had already posted quite a bit on my blog in the past few days. But again, I loved the list. And I always love your answers.

But if it makes you feel better, I DO accept your apology..although it's not necessary. Have a groovy day, my friend.

Andi said...

A List! Oh boy...I'll read it next! Maybe I'll even post it on my blog! I adore your lists!!!

Glad your Grace got through the extraction of all those teeth! Brave girl!

Hope your computer is better very soon!

PEA said...

Nawwww the list wasn't too long at all...only problem is by the time I reached the ending, I had forgotten what the start had said! hehe Actually, I loved learning all these facts about you:-) Oh dear, I do hope your computer problems are repaired soon!! I was wondering how Grace was doing after having had those teeth extracted...glad to hear she's now over the worse of it!! Leave it to dear Lisa to be so thoughtful and generous:-) xoxo

Sheila said...

Good that Grace came through the extractions okay. Lisa is the most giving, talented, and generous person isn't she..? Actually that wasn't a question, it was a statement..!
I hope your probs with the computer are soon fixed, I know how frustrating it can be.
I want you to know I got in at 5 this evening, changed into something clean and comfy, and by 6 had spilled ice cream down the front of my shirt...Ta-Da..!
Thank goodness for Spray and W*sh that's all I can say..!

RoseMary said...

So glad that Grace recovered from her extractions. Dental work is something I dread the most! I enjoyed all of your list!

Pamela said...

you know I was teasing.... and I read the whole thing because it was great

Melissa said...

I too am continually spilling something on myself - people have asked me if I had a "hole in my lip!"

Hope you get everything fixed soon. I love your photos!