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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Small Treasures

Do you have a treasure or two...or 176...that just fills your heart? Makes you smile or brings back a sweet memory? It does not have to be something that cost a thing. Just some small, precious item that means so much to you. These are just a few of my treasures...


Dawn Bibbs said...

Sue, I bet it was hard for you to pick just a few of your favorite treasures, huh? You did well, I'm proud of!

Valerie said...

i have three Liddle Kiddles that i love...two i got on eBay, and one i managed to keep for the last 41 years.

they're my good luck charms..and i always take 'em with me when i fly!
haven't crashed yet!!

Mindy said...

I started at my cousin-in-laws blog, then clicked and clicked and clicked. I had to tell you that I enjoyed your pictures from NY and China.

I had to leave a comment when I say the composer statues, that was our "award" from our piano teacher at the yearly recital AND my parents have the balloon man and lady, though I bet they are knock offs. I don't remember them being as bright and shiny as yours. (I will have to look at their bottoms the next time I go over.)

Isn't the internet wild?

Good tidings from Denver!