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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Susie Q International Diversified Corporation

I guess that word of my blog is spreading across the nation. It seems that everyone wants to get in on this phenomenon! I think I will run right down and get my name on a copyright. Millions can be made...millions I tell you! I will produce my own plays on Broadway. Heck, I will BUY my own theater on Broadway. Heck! I will buy my OWN Broadway star! Does anyone know if Mr. Dennehy would be interested? No? Aw....

I will start my own own Global Corporation! I will out Branson Richard Branson! Look out Donald Trump. My hair is prettier than yours anyway.
No delays, wider, well cushioned seats and wide aisles. Huge bags of M & Ms, pretzels and buttered popcorn. All free. As much as you desire. First run movies at your seat, with in seat surround sound. Extra large rest rooms with free top quality toiletries, warm towels. Good looking, pampering male flight flight foot and back massages, manicures and pedicures.
Polite sales and service staff, attentive and honest to a fault. Never demeaning to women buyers. Vehicles are warranted for the life of the car. Cars come in all the colors of the rainbow. Satellite radio, air conditioning, in seat heaters and seat back massagers are all standard. Free spa pedicures included in purchase.
Open 24 hours, free tea and coffee. And Coca Cola. Free brownies and lemon bars. Browsing encouraged. Feel free to sink into our down filled chairs and sofas. Free pedicures and foot massages while you read. Huge sale prices on new material. How can we do it? Volume, volume, volume! Brian Dennehy Movies, all the time, 7 days a week....what? Too much of a niche market? Nah...but wait! We will offer free M & Ms, buttered
popcorn and pedicures/foot rubs to all movie goers. Now what do you think?
Our corporate president, Sid. Sid looks a bit different I know but gosh can this boy keep the shareholders in line!
And oh my but does this guy know how to do a super pedicure and foot massage.
So, are any of you interested in buying stock?
Just for a giggle....
Susie Q


Dawn Bibbs said...

Susie,you are TOO funny!! I love it! So tell me, does your airline fly out of Atlanta? If so, can I get good rates on William Shatner said I could! :-)

TK Angels said...

I love this post. So--- I think that you need to fix your hair like the last picture.

Take care,
Are we still doing Sunday?

PAT said...

Hey Sue! I'd love to get in on the "ground floor"!!;-)

I just read your school days/daze post. I don't know if you've ever noticed "auntpittypat" commenting at my blog. She's one of my old school friends. 1961, was the END of high school, for us. I e-mail and get together with many of my friends from school, on a regular basis. It seems as we grow older, we try to reconnect with those wonderful days!


Andi said...

Perhaps I should be a "silent partner"!!! Nah, I could never be silent!!! I'll have to get some of your "preferred stock"!!! Should I have my broker call you?

Sue said...

That's the best thing I've read all day, and we share the same name, so I get free stock right? LOL A fellow SusieQ, a name my dear Dad used to call me!

Sheila said...

Sign me up...I want shares in everything...doubles in the bakery...!

Sheila said...

BTW..did you notice I didn't mention foot massage and pedicures?? ...LOL

Teresa said...

Your too funny.... Great Post..... T

Valerie said...

i will SO buy stock - heck, i'll even help with advertising!!
(hey - i AM married to the King of Direct Mail!)

PEA said...

LOL love it! I did something similar for my 1 year blogiversary, had put my name on all kinds of signs and billboards! hehe xox

Susie said...

That plane could almost make me like flying again!
Free lemon bars and brownies along with a pedicure! You'll have them beating down the door!
Fun post!!

RoseMary said...

When do you start selling stock??? Great post, SusieQ! Now, I need to go find a brownie. .

Pamela said...

I'll handle the IPO.
The prospectuses will be issued in blogger format and we can all buy stock with our good looks.

Betty Jo said...

OMGosh Susie Q! You are a riot. Love this post and got some super giggles while reading it. xoxo

Jen said...

omg, you are soooo funny!
I want a ticket on Susie Q airlines with the hot male attendants...but will they be built and have abs like Nick Lachey and will they be topless?

Love the jacket on the last dude :)

I'm in!

Gretchen said...

Tune: Scooby Doo

Susie, Susie Q
We love you
We've got a room for you to decorate
We can count on you, Susie Q
Your bloggy recipes will taste great.

Okay, that's the best I can do on 2 cups of coffee. Gimme some M &Ms and nobody gets hurt!

Sugar Bear said...

YOu are too funny and adorable! YOu certainly make me laugh. I would like to get in on your IPO.

The Decorated House said...

I called my broker and he couldn't find the stock. Could you post the symbol so we can get it now before it doubles and splits!???

Thanks for stopping by and telling me which title you liked best.

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Susie, loved your post! family thought I lost it when they heard me laughing at my pc from the other Toni