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Saturday, May 05, 2007

If I Can Make It There....

Sidewalk Flower Vendors
Jen's Emily with Grace at F.A.O Swartz. Now, who do you think gets a bigger kick from this place....Grace OR Me?? Answer fast now....
Pretty ladies...Jen and Emily
Daddy got his egg cream at F.A.O.'s snack bar Daddy...the good sport.
Saks Fifth Avenue
Times Square
Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village
No, we did NOT have breakfast here....*smile*
But the girls found a few baubles they liked....this is Jen's sweet Emily with Grace.
Jen and Emily with Grace's AG dolls, Emily and
Olivia at M & M World. WE thought about YOU Andi!
Lunch at American Girl Place with Jen and Emily
Daddy was a trouper all day.... Isn't that a sweet dessert?
Making their list and checking it twice.... Yes, a doll has to look good at all times. More St. Patrick's Cathedral pictures....
More Rockefeller Plaza photos....
More Central Park....
The girls make 2 new friends.
Alice In Wonderland Statue
A little spot for lunch....
Another beautiful church set against a tower of glass and steel
Another little spot for lunch....
Want to see a kickline anyone?
The Guggenheim Museum of Art
Greenwich Brownstones and apartments


Beckyb said...

I want to go on vacation!!! Looks like a great time - love the pics of Dad with the dolls - he is a GREAT sport!!!

Teresa said...

Oh I so Love Bill and the Dolls..... Gosh that is a great picture....

I'm so glad you all had a great time and I'm so happy that Jen and Emily were able to make it to NY to meet you guy.... Something everyone of you will always remember.....

Take care Sweet Sue.... I Love Your Blog.... T

Daisy Cottage said...

Oh, just so wonderful to see your pictures! They are fantastic! I really enjoyed these Sue! You have a precious family!

Valerie said...

how much fun is this? i never wanted to go to NYC before, but i think i'm changing my mind!

Andi said...

I'll make it anywhere...New York, New York!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pictures. Love the ones of Dad with the dolls!!!

I'm so glad your trip was perfect!

Sheila said...

WOW, I started at the top, 3 posts ago, and worked my way down..!
The architecture, the theatres, the stores, the food, the BAKERIES..!
Boy, I coming with you next time..!
Obviously you had a great time, and what are you feeding Grace...?
She looks taller everytime you post..!


Sheila said...

Sue, your pictures are just breath-taking. You made me feel like I was right there! I was in New York back in 1984, and some of these pictures brought back so many memories! It's so nice that you got to meet up with Jen and Emily, and looks like you all had a fantastic time!