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Friday, May 25, 2007

Huffman Hill

It seems like months since I was last able to post! Thankfully I do have a techie son and husband who were finally able to sit down and get me back on line! My poor laptop was terribly seems to have picked up a nasty bug which left it unable to do anything I asked of it. I have given it a stern lecture concerning it's future dealings with unknown entities... So now for a little *catch up* time. I will begin to visit all of you this weekend and can't wait to see what you have been up to! I am sharing a few pictures of a house tour my family took last Saturday afternoon. The day was clear, bright and not too warm. Just right as we toured 12 homes in the Huffman Hill section of Dayton. Lovely older homes, lovely and proud owners. All had been restored well with lots of love. I hope you enjoy the photos!


Valerie said...

SO glad you're back.

tell your computer to always use the seat covers when it uses the restroom @ the gas can pick up some nasty viruses there!

Sheila said...

Beautiful homes Sue, I would have enjoyed this too. I love the exterior colours. This must be a very attractive neighbourhood.
Thanks for sharing your pictures..!

TK Angels said...

I have never been to the Huffman tour. Hopefully we will go next year.-Heh Connie was there.

Take care,

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh my goodness, what GORGEOUS pictures. Did you take those all by yourself? I'm in AWE!!!

I'd like to see pix of YOUR house! Don't worry, I won't stop by without calling

smilnsigh said...

Oh Sigh! Oh Sigh! Lovely old house tour!!! It doesn't get much better than this!!!

Mmmmm, please may I come along next year? :-)


Melissa said...

Colorful! Charming! Gorgeous! (Man, I should write movie reviews!) Thanks for sharing - I especially love that checkerboard porch!