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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Silliness

Okay, here goes. List some of the things that make you happy. VERY Happy. But wait! There are a few catches.... we ALL have families and churches and homes and friends and pets that make us happy so no listing those! We all enjoy love and peace and hugs and that sort of thing. I am looking for the people (NOT Family and Friends), places (NOT home or church home) and things that cause you to feel all giddy and sparkly and do the happy dance. Okay, not necessarily THAT happy (But they COULD do that!) but you get my drift right? Or have I muddled up these directions to the point of complete confusion? Yeah, I know I have a tendency to do that but hey...
AND you need to add a picture of those things that make you really happy. Captions with the pictures are fine. Just think of those small things (or NOT so small) in life that are not *necessary* to our individual survival but just help make your life a bit sweeter.
So, to lead all of us off, here is a list of *some* of the things that just make me happy. I am a none too deep, fairly one dimensional gal so no big surprises! And yes, food stuffs are a big part of this list. BIG shock huh? Could I live without any of these? Uh huh. Would I WANT to? Nah.....
So, in no particular order, deep breath, here goes!
The Sunday Newspapers
Potato Salad
Sketching The Andy Griffith Show Decorating Books
Teddy Bears
Potato Chips
I Love Lucy
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Willow Trees Photography
Risotto Disney Anything
The Theater Writing
Chicken Salad
London, England
Blue Jeans
Home and Garden Television
Foot Massages
Grocery Shopping
A Cuppa
New York City
Brian Dennehy
The Beatles
Art Museums
Oh, and blogging AND all of YOU! But don't ask me to do my happy dance until tomorrow! It has been a LONG day! I am happy dancing in my mind...really. I am. No kiddin'.
Have a sweet weekend. Do something that makes you happy! You look so wonderful with that big, gorgeous smile on your face!
Susie Q


Andi said...

What a great post!!! Many of the same things make me happy as well!!! Love all the pictures you posted too.

Now when are you going to share your "sketches" with us??? I won't ask you to share Brian...he's all yours!!!

Twinkle Pink said...

Wow Susie that is a lot and I could agree with all of that except .... the Beatles .... I was a serious Osmond fan though.... especially Donny - oh those Puppy Love days...

Great Post,
best wishes Ginny

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Oh, I loved this post! It will keep me smiling all weekend (and with all the news these days, one needs something like this).

Here are a few things that I can't live without:

Mr. Rogers (and I have no small children in the house)
The aroma of newly mown grass in Spring
The aroma of woodsmoke in Autumn
Red barns and green John Deere Tractors
Lunch served on my "girly" china
French toast and coffee
My Starbucks twice a month (all the budget can allow)
Photos of New England in Autumn

LisaOceandreamer said...

Interesting as many items on your list contains things that make me happy as well.....including I Love Lucy (I'm a HUGE fan)and perfume(can't leave the house w/o it) just to name 2. And yes, what about those sketches??hmmm.

I will do this at some point, must gather photos and think of the list!

YOU make me us all happy. I have Grace's membership card almost ready to send too! heehee


Sheila said...

Wow, when you compile it in this way it is so much more fun than reading a list !
I share some of your favourites, but maybe I should think about a list of my own. This was fun.
You certainly made this blogger smile..
Have a great weekend..

Debra said...

I came across your beautiful blog and I love it! I'll be stopping back often. Love yor pix!

Susie said...

Lovely way to ensure a Saturday smile. We share so many favs!!
I try to do this once each week when I do my Sunday blessings post. Don't you love looking on the bright and postive side of life??

Dawn Bibbs said...

What a great list and a fun "quiz". Unfortunately, me and the family are about to run out for the evening. But I DO plan to do this...hopefully tomorrow. But right now, I'm gonna go ahead and gather my

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks for sharing what adds to your happiness.

Jen said...

Hope you're feeling better Sue :)
Hugs to you!

TK Angels said...

Ok- I saw Brian. Of course!! What happened to Gary? You know Gary Sinise- only kidding. Love the post. Had to tease. Hope you are feeling better.

See you on Wednesday.

RoseMary said...

Oh, SusieQ! I enjoyed reading and seeing all your happy things. Thanks for such a happy post!

Cassandra said...

Love your list! I LOVE pedicures too!

cherry menlove said...

Wow! What a wonderful list. I am soooo with you on all of these things. Isn't it great when we are able to just stop and look at all the simple things that make us so happy.

Love to Grace and to you of course.

Cherry xx

PAT said...

Hi Sue!

My list would be very similar to yours! :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by the back porch and leaving wonderful and much appreciated comments!

You continue to write wonderful entries. Thank you for that, too!!

Happy Sunday
Back Porch Musings

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie,
That is a great list. I would post a list with pictures but I do not know how to post here adding images.
Perhaps you can email some instructions. Before I go on about what makes me happy. I wanted to know if you would like to link? I love your blog it is always so much fun. So I want to send some visitors from Robin Sherwood frecklefarm your way.
Happy List
1.A cats purr
2.Yellow cake with pink buttercream frosting from Amy's Bread in New York
3. Any movie with Johnny Depp in it he's so handsom!
4.Royalties,residuals and large checks made out to me for millions and millions of dollars. This is an
affirmation since I have not seen this as of yet but meditating on it with creative visualization.
5.Cottage style beds, soft crisp, piles of down and sumptuos cotton linens piled to make one big puff.
6. Country life on the weekends and
New York City on the weekdays.
7. French Fries ... please make mine extra crispy.
8.Fried Chicken

Have a peaceful Sunday.

jafabrit said...

oh my I don't think I can top your list :) it is GREAT!!!!!!
The computer has to be up there for me because I connect with my family in england, turkey and all my friends. I get to see wonderful things, read about wonderful things, and learn so much.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend, today is just beautiful.

Sheila said...

Sue, what a great list! Now, you KNOW that I share quite a few of those same things, don't you?? ;)
I'll compile my list as soon as I get a chance. We have SO MUCH in common though, that I'll have to try and come up with a few differnet ones! ;)
I didn't know you weren't feeling well?! Whatever it was, hope you're feeling better! Happy Sunday to you.

wendy said...

I love your list of happy things. Your blog is on my list of happy things. Happy Saturdayxx

"Early Bird" said...

We should have know ol' Brian would have his mug on your list ;)

Southern Heart said...

What a fun post! You made *me* smile today!

Rhoda said...

Oh, how funny & cute you are, Suzi Q. Your list is great. I have a lot of the same little likes that would be on my list too. I think we all have those little things that make us happy, don't we? Not that we couldn't live without, they just make life a little sweeter.

Southern Hospitality

Myrna said...

ow creative you are! I agree with many of your choices and the pictures are terrific. I stumbled on your blog and I'm so glad I did. I will be back!

Jolene George said...

I LOVED your list....just looking at yours made me smile BIG! Gotta love you for that.

Nonie Mae said...

great list. Hope you are felling better.

Gretchen said...

Well thank goodness for Brian. I would've felt like you had cheated us all if not for a photo of him. :O) Seriously, I can wholeheartedly agree with the cuppa, the chocolates, and the rabbits. Perfume is good, too. I always want my kids to remember that I was the mommy that smelled sweet. Have a great week.