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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Cheap Blonde

Uh huh...I haven't blogged a lot lately. I loved doing that "Happy Dance List" though. I was not feeling up to anything more but what fun to think about the things that cause us to do a little dance...thank you do much for sharing in the joy, leaving your own lists and, well, for just being wonderful friends. I got a little cold which became more and more and more....and yes. I did need to go to the ER again. I try to stop by every season and say howdy to all the staff at Wright Patterson AFB Medical. Just want them to feel the love you know?

Let's see...what good can be found about a trip to the ER. The doctor was cute....the nurse said I did not look 50 (Great bedside manner there Lydia!)....the xray tech had a great sense of humor and I was with Bill. A quiet night in the ER is a good thing. Good for the staff, good for those people who are out enjoying themselves and NOT in an ER! Quiet night....I told Bill I was the cheapest date any man could hope for. It has been a while since he and I went out on a Friday night sans kids or family or anyone else! Ah...a lovely drive to the base ER, sitting beside one another while I sucked medicated steam into my wheezy lungs....pure romance. They write poetry about such evenings. After that magical interlude, we headed to the all night pharmacy and Taco Bell. I had not eaten all day and felt a bit peckish. A taco and small drink filled the bill. No, that is what filled the Sue. Bill actually had a burrito. See? Cheap date. But you know, we were together and the stars were out and the air was cool and crisp. Not too shabby. Oh yeah, and I could breathe again. All good things.


Dawn Bibbs said...

You poor thing! I hope you're feeling better today. Hmmm, I guess you are, you've taken time to chat with your readers :-).

Sorry you had to spend time in the ER...but I'm happy you and the Mister got to spend some time together. Nothing like holding hands in the ER, all to the sound of beeping heart monitors and doctors being paged over the loud speaker...ahh, love is in the air. lol

Have a great day!

LisaOceandreamer said...

You even manage to find the upside in a trip to the ER....
those 2 letters give me the heebie jeebies having spent so much time in them with my mom. Good docs and nurses make all the difference - how many times I've said thank you and even hugged a few. G and I have had many a date there.
sorry, got off on topic...
I am SO glad you got some relief, sounds like asthma?? If it had to be a Friday night date at least the evening ended well AND not with the line "um, I'll call you". :)

Sheila said...

Sue, I'm so sorry to hear you had to go to the ER! But it sounds like you're doing much better now, so that's a good thing.
Stay well now!

Susie said...

Ok Suzy Q,
I found out what was wrong. It took me lots of reading here cause you post lots girlfriend!!
Feel better, OK!