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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Springtime In Ohio

*I have added this photo tonight. We saw this glorious rainbow on our way to pick up my mother. We had 2 rounds of thunder storms, this beautiful sight appeared just after the first blew by. I wish I could have gotten myself in a better position to take a picture but the darned traffic would not cooperate! Still, a rainbow is always a precious thing to behold...after a storm, there is always a sense of peace.... It is like that in life as well as nature.*

Okay, so these are pictures from the Amsterdam Flower Market. Amsterdam HOLLAND, not Ohio. But, they are Spring flowers nevertheless! We were in Amsterdam, in April, 2005. It was an amazing trip and the tulips were delightful!
It has been cold, rainy and not exactly glorious weather....but then you know? I am alive, well and surrounded by people I love. I am safe and secure and actually *like* rain. So, on second thought, the weather is quite glorious today! The cloudiness helps little babies sleep well so their babysitters can get more done around the house! Always a huge plus. And I love the sound of rain tip tapping on our windows and roof. I even love the occasional rumble of thunder. My Grandnother always told me it was the angels bowling. I have passed this image on to my children and even today Daniel will tease me that his Grandpas are having a go on the lanes again!
I will download a few Easter pictures for you this evening. I took some family time and did not get online at all recently. I have missed checking in with all of you and am catching up now!
I feel blessed that so many of you dropped by and wished us a happy holiday and told us that yours was sweet.
We shared dinners and lunches with friends and family, watched movies, read, took walks, talked and laughed. Just quiet delights. The best.
I also have a few of you to thank in considering my blog for a special honor. If I have made even one of you smile or giggle along the way, them I am truly blessed. To you Sheila at As Time Goes By, Betty Jo at Digi Scribbles, Dawn at Be Inspired, I Am, Lisa at LisaOceandreamer and Rhoda at Southern Hospitality...I offer my heartfelt thank yous and will do my part with a post later today or tomorrow. I want to do honorably by you all.
Thank yous go out to all of you for understanding when I get behind here!
I hope your week has been a good one so matter the weather where you are, enjoy it. Find something good about the day, something to smile about. Those things are never far away.
Susie Q


gold said...

I love tulips beautiful shots.I am glad you a had a great Easter.

Nonie Mae said...

The tulips are beautiful! They are one of my favorites..

Andi said...

Great pictures of the tulips...note to self...take trip to Amsterdam Holland!!!

So glad you've been enjoying time with your loved ones. Love the bowing in heaven story. I was always told than Grandma was re-arranging the furniture again!!!

Isn't NYC trip coming soon???

Susie said...

Love the tulips! My Grandma used to always say God was moving furniture when there was thunder!!
Enjoy your family time. It's #1 in importance!

Sheila said...

Tulips from Amsterdam...remember that song, or am I dating myself here..LOL
These are beautiful. I'm tired of waiting for those in my garden and will treat myself to a bunch soon.
I'm glad you had a Great Easter and were too busy to post, that's a 'good thing'..

RoseMary said...

Glad you are back. Also glad that you had a good time away with your family. I'd love to see the flower markets in Amsterdam!!

wendy said...

I like the thunder as well, my Mother used to say that is was God shifting his furniture around!

Cassandra said...

Wow...beautiful tulips!